Westbrook Little League Board Minutes

September 23, 2018

Board Members:
Lewis Lampron Kristen Damon
John McCarthy Randy MacWhinnie
Lori MacWhinnie Jenn Wescott
Hillary Damon Anne Harvey
Phil Petry Amanda Mclaskey
Sasha Johnson Melissa Remington
John Clark Joe DeRoche
Tom England
Donny Meserve Jaime Cerullo
Bob Harvey Kevin Anderson
Kathy Decker Heidi Espy
Bridget DeRoshe Heather Clark
Amanda Field Mark Brown
Meet Started: Randy thanked 2018 board members for their contributions
2019 elections started:
Hillary nominated Randy MacWhinnie -second -Sasha & Anne - Randy accepted - board agreed
Player Agent
Amanda nominated Jenn Wescott - Hillary second - Jenn accepted - board agreed
Information Officer
Lori nominated Amanda Mclaskey- Anne second -Amanda accepted - board agreed
Safety Officer
Anne nominated Lori - Hillary second - Lori accepted - board agreed
Jenn nominated Kristen - Amanda second - Kristen accepted- board accepted
Amanda nominated Anne Sasha second- Anne accepted - board agreed

concessions assistant
Anne - nominated Hillary- Sasha Second – Hillary accepted - board agreed
sponsorship coordinator/fundraising
Lori nominated Melissa – Anne second - Melissa accepted - board agreed
Head grounds/maintenance manager
Tom nominated Bob Harvey- Hillary second - Bob Harvey accepted
John C nominate Kevin Anderson – Joe D second- Kevin accepted
Vote: Bob Harvey
Assistant to Grounds/Maintenance manager
Sasha - nominated Tom England – Melissa second- Tom accepted
John C nominated Kevin Anderson -Jenn second – Kevin accepted
Vote: Kevin Anderson
Lori nominated Phil – Sasha second - Phil accepted
Joe nominated Jaime C – John C second- Jaime accepted and provided background/history
Phil retracted his acceptation advised he felt Jaime was more experienced and he felt it was the best
thing to do - Board agreed for Jaime to be new Treasurer
Umpire In Chief
Phil nominated Lewis -Amanda second - Lewis accepted - board agreed
Purchasing Agent
Jenn nominated John McCarthy – Kristen second- John M accepted- board agreed
VP Majors Baseball
no nominations
VP Majors Softball
Jenn- nominated Joe D – Hillary second- Joe accepted- board agreed
VP Minor Softball
John M nominated John Clark - Lori second – John M accepted - board agreed
VP Minor Baseball
Amanda nominated Sasha Anne second-Sasha accepted- board agreed

VP Instructional
Lori nominated Sasha - John second– Sasha Accepted- board agreed
VP T-Ball
no nominations
open positions: VP majors & VP T-ball –
VP senior softball will be discussed if position is needed.
2019 Board Meeting Started – guests were dismissed
Randy discussed board rules:
- must be here for 3/4 of the meetings or you will be dismissed- this will be tracked
- must volunteer at the field or you will be dismissed
- meetings will be on Sundays and dates will be chosen by Randy
Treasurer Report:
- total = 37,911.35
- treasurer report passed around for review
- additional charges/deposits to be made discussed
- winter expenses - around $8,000
- reminder to run .50 charge each month to prevent $25 monthly inactivity fee
- Amanda Motion to accept - Lori second - board accepted
Meeting Discussion:
We need to drop some teams for majors baseball for the 2019 season
Donny explained we had 6 teams x 11 players = 66 players
- 34 - 12 years old leaving
- leaves 32 players remaining in the league
44 kids total in minor league
Proposal for 2019:
- drop 2 teams - go to 4 teams of 11 players
- would need to do a redraft
- we would still need to bring up 12 kids
- suggested going to 10, 11, 12 for majors
Kristen & Jenn will draft a letter to minors and majors re redraft - show numbers and explain why it is

Committee will discuss how to proceed with draft and teams/sponsors/managers
committee for majors team discussion: meeting Tuesday @ 7pm
John C
Around the Table:
Sasha - nothing
Amanda - nothing
Anne- let her know when water is getting shut off - 4 more weeks of fall softball
Lori - nothing
Lewis- nothing
John M - advised new board members not to hesitate to speak up
Bob - nothing
John C - nothing
Joe - nothing
Kristen - nothing
Jenn- nothing
Hillary - nothing
Jaime - nothing
Kevin - nothing
Additional notes:
Bob & Kevin - need to set date for shut down of complex – need to get water shut off, take down
banners & nets etc - need to pick a date by the end of this week

Next meeting - Sunday November 4th - 6pm
- Joe D advised he will not be here for this meeting

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