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Westbrrok Little League Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2018

Randy MacWhinnie
Lori MacWhinnie
John McCarthy
Hillary Damon
Lewis Lampron
Kristen Damon
Phil Petry
Joe DeRoche
Melissa Remington
Jenn Wescott
Bryan Harvie
Amanda Mclaskey
Anne Harvey
Sasha Johnson
John Clark

Secretary report - motion John M motion – 2
-Jenn – accepted by board

Treasurer report - reviewed/handed out – Phil reminded to turn all receipts in- Motion- John M – 2

Bryan – accepted by board
Around the Table:

needs help with 9/10s boys tournament -

concerned about the fields - guys coming on Wednesday to do the field (softball field is
done) wants it down to the dirt
confirmed field would be set up for all games
needs clickers
has balls already
PA system – we got new cables- will check them before Saturday
possible seals meet at the community center - Randy will talk to Greg regarding parking.
will buy more cones
trashcans? no covers- we had 8 and we are down to 2 - need a couple more- Randy
agrees to get a couple more
can we get port-a-potty? cannot have for tournaments
cleaner’s schedule during tournament? need to get her here more during the tournament -
Would like all managers phone numbers for the tournament - Randy will send to Sasha
and Lewis
asked Sasha to get some volunteers to take care of emptying trash during the
tournament. - dumpster is emptied on Sunday nights
need trash cans emptied every night - need everyone to step up and do it.
need to get Sasha a key for upstairs/skybox – changing to number pad
has been a couple bracket changes – Lewis wants to make sure he has the right one -
standish B team is no longer in the bracket
takes 3 volunteers per game/field - Book - PA system- clock/pitch count -
would like to get minors parents to come up and help
wants to complement Peter Wescott- doing a great job this year and Joe & John C - doing
a great job with softball

- Giroux oil – rep advised they have paid two years and haven't seen a sign/pennant - offered
for 2 year free sponsorship- board agreed
- plaques made for team sponsors w/ handmade cards
- recommended plastic sheet rock/ paneling in the bathrooms - easier to clean - possibility
- Do we know who Dunkin donuts contact is? Wosiac group in Falmouth
- eagles club hasn't paid yet – recommended to go down to club and request payment

- apologizes for not having ceremony - did not know this was his responsibility -
- would love to do a celebration for DQ and eagles
- We need to start talking about next year, playing people from other towns?- board agreed we
need to set a meeting to discuss this specifically.
- Board discussed the need to keep t-ball kids here - Paul is done with the board/league - as
he moved out of state – we still need to throw a t-ball party - ice cream social – Tshirts or balls
with case for coaches to sign - recommendation of Sunday afternoon- kick ball

Joe D
- need 12 balls - 11/12 - south Portland is hosting - they need to supply balls
- we have balls for 9/10s
- needs trophy information - R & W engraving - they have our tax-exempt information - quick
copy center in Biddeford as well.
- what do we get? Advised to go down and pick what to get - all stars gets a plaque - state
championships- and t-shirts for 12 year olds

- suggested getting t-shirts for sale: Eat Sleep Play baseball/softball – tabled for another day
Hillary - nothing
John C- nothing
Amanda- nothing
Sasha -
- is there anything she needs to be doing for her teams? just the party- get them to help with
all-star tournaments -
- recommended to announce the young kids names during their last games on Wednesday
and Thursday

Phil – nothing
Anne –
- need volunteers for the upper shack for the tournament - Joe will handle scheduling for the
lower shack

John M
- All-star hats will be in tomorrow - will have enough to sell - $10 - "W"
- Advised we will need to use machine for fields, will need to drag it and line it for games. paint
bases white etc
- Recommended getting a Jox box – board agreed to get one to try it out
- recommended sending a thank you card for printer, toner :
- Ron Jenkins - 97 A Exchange St Portland, ME 04102 (Kristen or Melissa to do)

- last year’s board of directors voted on a scholarship, at the last meeting the board mentioned
not have a criteria - Lewis brought guideline sample to review - recommended reaching out
to the baseball foundation and come up with a criteria –
- examples: written essay, 4 years of high school ball, WLL, Westbrook graduate -

- Jenn and Kristen to draft criteria and will have ready at next meeting-
additional discussion:

- putting programable lock upstairs
- need a lamp for up there that can sit on the table –

- recommended to buy a ball retriever - ordered 3 - 1 for each field - hoping to install before all-

- calendar was successful - $12,700.00

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