Westbrook Little League Board Minutes

Meeting Minutes
March 25, 2018

Randy MacWhinnie Lori MacWhinnie
Kristen Damon Anne Harvey
John Clark Joe DeRoche
Lewis Lampron Phil Petry
Tom England John McCarthy
Jenn Wescott Paul Dalrymple
Amanda Mclaskey Bryan Harvie
Sasha Johnson

Donny, Zach, Bob, Peter, Alex, Mitch, Dave, Greg
Opening Discussion:
tryouts were this past weekend - 13 out of 19 showed up for majors baseball
decision was made that we will need to drop a team or 2
majors – 66 players currently (including those that tried out and 45 returning)
- 3 12 year olds confirmed were not coming back
- Minors have 23 kids
discussed individual team #'s provided by Jenn & Amanda
discussed options:
12 kids 6 teams= 72 - 58 returning = 14 needed
11 kids 6 teams = 66 - 58 returning = 8 needed
Tom Motioned to drop a team and go to 11 players on each team – second -Bryan H
discussed individual team #'s provided – initial list advised 51 returning- corrected to 58 which
changed the # of kids needed
Tom withdrew his motion
Tom motioned to go with 6 teams – 12 players – second Bryan – Board voted – 13 yes
Discussed that we may need to go 10-11-12 years olds in the future

Discussion on which team to drop:
Least # of returning players –
Tickets 7
Lions 7
Team will need to go to evaluations and be redrafted
(a) McCarthy to move to DQ
(b) McCarthy stays w/ Tickets name
The decision was made for McCarthy to move to DQ as the manager, Bob Harvey chose to step down
and be a coach instead of manager. Coaches would discuss draft picks and if this would affect it at the
coaches meeting.
The tickets sponsor will be dropped
John McCarthy will notify the tickets team in person – meeting 3/26/18 6pm
Randy announced Damion Dow is hosting CPR certification -4/10 & 4/14 - must have 1 coach from each
team go to this
Joe motioned for meeting minutes to be accepted- second Jenn - accepted by board
Around the Table:
- raffle tickets - need to get started on raffle - need Heather to let us know
- indoor practice schedule? 4-530 is difficult for people –
o need coaches meeting w/ baseball and softball to pick indoor practice time.
o half gym/half gym & batting cages- 3 teams per time slot –
o starts April 2nd M-f 4-7 Sat - draw times based on draft picks –
o can softball go at 1 time -
o Thursday- coaches meeting - pick practice times –
- 2 majors teams- Phoenix welding & Cavallaro - 11/12s
- 2 major Minors - Twin Electric & Extreme 9/10s
- batting cages- thank you to Jenn for getting cable - john is getting hardware through Maine
Yacht - (get logo for banner) - need to order carabiners - $150 for 100 - need about 120 of
them- need $300 for rollers- approved to order by Randy
- end of year party- would like to do a drive in movie night for softball people - can we include
baseball also? not a fundraiser - just softball - end of year party for softball –
- had convo w/ Eddie re C. Warren - we have an opportunity to get some money – discussion
that we need people to match volunteer hours - they had agreed to do the fields but we

haven't had the volunteer hours - need to start when tournaments end in order to do it for
next year - they will match fundraiser money $1 for $1 - we haven't done this is the past –
- pitching mounds- ordered 3 of them - going to cement them in so they will be "plugged in" -
league puts them in -
- uniforms- how does softball handle uniforms? John advised Joe to get sizes of girls - need to
pick out style uniforms - need to reach out to sponsors and confirm colors are the same.
(twin - same as last year)
- how do they need to decide who to bring up to the major/minor team –
o all 8 year olds need to be invited to be evaluated –
o then have a player pool and do a draft-
o once they go up, they can't go back down - Joe requested DOB from Jenn for 8 year

- Keys? Tom has keys - coaches want keys to shed and bathrooms - can we put a code lock on
there? Randy advised to put in all new code locks in - will start with bathroom doors –
- concessions - will being doing half door and new keys –
o WLL snack shack is an easy target for robbery - Randy is putting in camera system

John C-
- pennants - getting new ones for the tattered ones - would like to get pennants for all
donations –
o get names/logos to Melissa
o different sizes/shapes for different amounts of donations- contact Melissa to figure
out -
o pennant sponsors repay every year - $150 - costs $25 to replace

Kristen - nothing
Sasha -
- minors/instructional
o 17 - instructional - 4 girls- could move up to softball minors
o 23 - minors- plus those that don't make minors
Sasha motions to combine minors and instructional - John McCarthy - second -
- coach pitch vs kids pitch –
- what baseball gets used? - suggested to use the instructional balls-
- look at little league international website for directions on how to combine –
- Sasha to work with Bryan and joe for game schedule up at fields
- recommend doing practice all together w/ stations that way coaches get experience as well
- would like schedule asap to put online

- t-ball and instructional - start after opening day
- need to know teams before we can make schedule

- Jenn is player agent for softball also –
o please email Jenn dates and times for player evaluations –
- Randy advised make sure all issues get sent to player agent and VP of league
- Jenn has to be at the draft as well - 4/1 @ 6pm
- at clinic night people were asking who to email –
o can we set up an email for the league - Randy approved-

John McCarthy -
- need to order bats - waiting on sizes -
if under 27 inches you can just use USA stickers-

Phil –
- no treasurers report today
- has a different email
Bryan- nothing
Tom –
- convenient MD - wants to give $1000 to put a sign up here - sending to Melissa –
- we have issues w/the tractor - trying to figure out - we have another tractor that also has an
issue –
o usually we drag snow banks back but it not happening yet as tractor is not working
- opening day - need sound system replaced or fixed/ need new sound board/ need new
speaker - need to get prices -
o softball wants blue tooth compatible sound system –
- golf cart is old
- signs for the fields took a hit and lost the framing - Randy advised to get them done - need
Cornelia warren sign to get done
- softball field- anyone have something to cut pipe in right field? - from when we replaced the
fence - worked it's way up in the frost –
- Randy advised to make a list of everything that needs to be done before opening day - send
list to all parents to get everyone at all levels involved -

Tom made a motion for treatment of lawns- they went up $100 - they haven't increased in 6 years - Lori
second - inside the fence only - we have used them for 20 years- Tru-green

- warren- 674.45
- volunteer 660.10 -

- softball 565.80
all in favor - yes

- needs debit card
- wants to get BJs card - get paperwork to Phil - all in favor – yes
- Joe asked - will people be in the snack shack cleaning for field cleanup day? yes- spring
cleaning is done –
- get schedule to Anne so she can schedule snack shack

Bryan -

- in the past Saco Bay PT has come and done arm evals for kids - can this be done during
April vacation week? yes - softball is all set

Lori –

- home run dance is in 2 weeks tons of auction items - more than last year
o spread the word for homerun dance
o will accept credit cards
- home run dance communication created a Facebook group to communicate - can we do
this for the board? - Lori motion for Facebook - Anne second - Randy will call Lewis w/
anything that is posted - all in favor
- opening day –
o singer - Anne to check w/ Allie Neal
o first pitch baseball - Anne to contact Karen Rowe
o catcher from Tickets- Caleb Reid
o first pitch softball –
o catcher softball
- VPs to send sponsors to Lori


- PA system - just got one for basketball system (1400) Headlight- riverside St
- would like to see 6 signs for parking for umpires - and concessions manager parking spot
o can only park there if they are umpiring –
- 2 new umpires this year - need to do background checks for all umpires - Joe to email to
Lewis & Lori
- any chance we can buy umpire equipment for softball – in case there is a volunteer for
minors there is equipment for them to wear. Phil is buys himself new equipment and
will donate his equipment -
- Joe gave schedule for softball umps - needs schedule by next Monday for baseball –
- 1 ump can only ump on Tuesday nights


- needs email addresses for T-ball parents - confirmed he has it
- how many girls does he have? should he pair them up? would like 2 girls on each team -
Jenn will add column for this

Snack shack –

- Anne is no longer allowed to be here alone –
- no more than $60 in the cash box - need to put away as soon as possible when over $60
- not in the safe
- will not take $100 bills at concession stand
- softball concessions - people use as personal fridge –
- when renewing license, they pulled him outback to go through a list of requirements –
- NO MORE KIDS IN SNACK SHACKS - put age limit on sign - 18 years or older
- golf carts and all equipment- no kids - must have driver’s license –
- golf cart only used if needed- no joy riding for anyone
- no tabs in concessions stands
- no free food
- will put a sign on the shack that says you are being recorded
- need to count drawer at shift change- window/door to be locked during count -
Phil to contact TD and get night drop contract
John Clark –

- got a donation for a sign for Egbert’s to do lawn outside of fields -

next meeting -
Sunday April 8th @ 6pm
Homerun dance April 7, 2018
Field cleaning day - 4/14 & 4/21 @ 9am
opening Day 4/28 @ 11am

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