4/9/18 meeting
Randy MacWhinnie
Lori MacWhinne
Phil Petry
Amanda Mclaskey
Kristen Damon
Lewis Lampron
Joe DeRoche
Paul Dalrymple
Bryan Harvie
John McCarthy
Melissa Remmington
Anne Harvey
John Clark
Tom England
Jenn Wescott
Hillary Damon
secretary report from last meeting - Amanda motion John M second – board accepted
treasurer report:
- roughly $7500 - homerun dance
- verbal report- still getting caught up on previous reports- re-entering information in QuickBooks
from November to March - plans to have a written report at the next meeting - roughly 18-19,000
- he was able to get debit cards for Randy, Anne, and Phil and advised we are all set up for night
drops at bank-
- rec'd BJs card today - got it for $25 - 2 cards; tax deductible;
- we have been getting charged tax at home depot when they shouldn't be- need to tell them we
are tax exempt
Open Discussion:
Randy advised he rec’d the proposal for Convenient MD - they want to be the sole sponsor of little
league - want 2- 40ft signs, a 20 and 15 foot signs - they want us to refer people there when they get hurt
and to be the sole urgent care provider for WLL – Randy will call them to let them know we will not
accept their offer – board agreed
Current team numbers:
B -Minors – 44 kids - 4 teams of 11 - not splitting
Instructional 22 kids - 2 teams
tball – 37 kids - 5 teams
minor softball – 26 kids
Sasha will still handle instructional and Minors separately
John M needs all shirt sizes by this coming weekend to order shirts
B - Minors - pants, hat, & shirt
S Minors – pants, shirt & socks
Instructional and T-ball- hat & shirt
Minor softball sponsors: Moody's, Infinity, Cavallero- only need 2 – call was placed to infinity and
confirmed they will not be sponsoring this year but will get a pennant and would like to set up at
Sponsor invoices have not been sent out yet – We need to get sponsor bills out asap – recommend
calling first to confirm if they are going to renew sponsorship.
Around the Table:
- a coach emailed about the vacation schedule - outside majors – will they be at the field?

it will depend on the field conditions - can't use the field if it isn't ready - the hit pit is
reserved still.
water is not turned on till the 19th - unable to use the bathroom – (remind kids to use the
bathroom before they come
can we get a port-a-potty for a week? Randy advised to get 2 dropped off - will
need for clean up day as well
- will get code of contact to softball practice tomorrow -
- needs to get the dish washer from Melissa – Melissa advised it is available still - Randy will pick
Amanda: nothing
- need to set a date to come up with schedule –
need to get majors schedule from Bryan –
t-ball will use 1 field 8:30-12; the other field can be used for minor/instructional - available
until 430 on Saturdays

- get schedule to Anne so snack shack can be available –

need to get background checks to volunteer in the snack shack
Lori will leave some forms in the snack shack to have completed if someone is
volunteering and hasn’t filled one out
little league international wants 6 background checks done for each team

Kristen: nothing
- June 9th will be end of T-ball, minors and instructional
- Games on Saturdays - Sundays will be make up days
- T-ball will not have practices

minors- 2 practices per week - game on Saturday - can have more practices if fields are
instructional - 2 practices per week- game on Saturday

- needs information for who we need pennants for
- information for signs is in and in process
- Rowe ford asked if they can have a car at one of the games – Yes- but they need to know we
are not responsible for damage
Lori had letter from premier as well – given to Melissa

- are we interested in doing a Thirty-One bags fundraiser? offered to do a fundraiser where we
can get 20% of sales - online sales - accepted by board
- can we have someone on opening day help size kids for bats and gloves?
By opening day kids should already have equipment needed
Dicks will do this for them

- movie night Friday August 17th - softball end of season party -
will discuss food as it gets closer
- S-Majors assistant coaches have been chosen –

Phx Welding – Shawn Scot
Cavallero – Denise Cole
Twin Electric- Dottie Collins
Xtreme – Aleighta Dowling-Ingraham & Bret Christianson
coaches accepted- need background checks done before they can be around the
coaches- John Motion - Lori second - accepted by board

- middle school field- softball will use 1x week -

bridge street field- cannot be reserved – but teams can drop in if available

- need first aid kits for coaches- John M is ordering additional supplies
- softball has a 3 day tournament at fields in August
- no junior softball this year- only had 5 girls form Westbrook and 5 from Windham - no pitchers
- bumper stickers - softball completed - working on baseball design
they can be sold at the snack shack - 135 for $100
would charge $2 or $3 each

would like to give 1 to each player baseball & softball
- April 15th -rebuilding the softball mounds - Tom got 56 blocks –
- batting cages – Randy advised they need a guide bar- only 5-6 ft in the ground –

1 guide for 3 poles
they are currently unusable for opening day

- 11/12-year-old girls needs a few more players-
can they bring up players?

Randy will need to check with Bill Findley
Would need waivers completed
you have to offer to everyone/ can't pick who they want
if they have a player pool they must rotate through pool –
would need to offer player pool to everyone –
need to let Jenn know so she can run the player pool - She has to

be the one to run it-
many rules for a player pool

- 1 - 11 year old dropped out already - d/t age change - team is down to 11 – League is approved
for teams of 11 - ok to play with 11 on a team
- Calendar fundraiser - should be ready by May 1st - planning to get out to all teams –

B& S minor, t-ball, and instructional
drawing is the month of June –

- need softball rule books- Randy advised we are waiting for them to come in
John Clark: nothing
Bryan Harvie:
- Coaches have been chosen:

Kiwanis - Dennis Carter, John McCartney, Bob Worcester - accepted
Sappi - Sean Tardiff, Bill Backman, David Senus - accepted
Dairy Queen - Bob Harvey - Kenan Lapierre - Hillary Damon – accepted
Eagles- Mike Rinaldi - Jay Lewis - Nick Buckley - Noah Logan - accepted
need phoenix and lions coaches –

- if there is a single game it should be on the field near the snack shack
- vacation week scrimmages- we will need to call umps to schedule them to be there
Lewis: nothing
- volunteer forms are needed
- opening day:

hasn't heard form Rowe family yet- they need to call Lori

high school softball will do 1st base dugout-
need to call Souza for boys – 3

rd base

singer is all set to be there
Lori needs lists of coaches and team sponsors emailed to her for announcing
opening day will be on the baseball field
need warren sign hung up before opening day

- picture day is scheduled for May 12th
- CPR training

need to have coaches present
about an hour - Tuesday 10th @ 6pm Saturday 14
th @ 8am

- needs schedule- asap to plan snack shack schedule
- discussion on board shirts? no one sent sizes

discussed shirt options - accepted baseball style shirts - embroidered

- need to get concession stand put back together on clean-up day
John M:
- do we need to get minor league baseballs? No, can use balls on hand
- uniforms –

VPs of each league need to get sizes to John M
Do we want to upgrade to 2-tone shirt for Minor league? –
need prices - need to stay in budget.

Discussion on not getting board shirts and using money for minor shirts

Discussion was dropped
- has a list for clean-up day in google docks – needs to email it out
- registered trailer - $26 for 2 years
- field signs - will not go up this weekend - need to know who is paid

Melissa to call sponsors to see if they are renewing and get email to send invoice to

- need a tractor to haul for clean up days
- need order for turface for Jeremy -we need to know how much it is first
Next Meeting: Monday April 23rd - 6:30pm

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