Westbrook Little League Minutes
May 21, 2018

Randy MacWhinnie
Lori MacWhinnie
John Clark
Joe DeRoche
Amanda McLaskey
Kristen Damon
Sasha Johnson
Bryan Harvie
Heather Seavey
Melissa Remington
Jennifer Wescott
Mike Swaltz - neighbor
Mike Swaltz advised he has been a neighbor for 13 years – he loves living next to the ball field and
enjoys the kids laughter. He comes to the meeting with a few concerns/issues. Mike advised he has
noticed younger kids tend to migrate behind the club house and at time get rambunctious – He
recommends putting up a fence or having supervision there to keep children out from behind the
- When kids are behind the building, no one can see them, and they are not being supervised.
- Mike advised he would like to have a landscaper to come in and trim trees on WLL property, so
he can see the skyline better.
- Board approved putting up a temporary fence with a sign
- Board agreed with Mike bringing in a landscaper to trim up trees and brush – Board offered to
take care of this and he offered to do this at his cost.
Mike thanked everyone and left.
Board meeting began
4/23/18 meeting minutes – motion to accept -Bryan - second Amanda – board accepted minutes
Treasurer report: checking account 19,867; savings 27,641.77 – treasure report was emailed to
secretary prior to meeting and will be attached to the minutes.
Randy advised due to complaints received, we have ordered new bats for the minor league. These bats
will be kept at the club house - they will be signed out and need to be returned to the club house each
night- bats will be labeled for majors and minors.
Randy rec'd phone call saying someone possibly got food poison at the snack shack - everything got
cleaned thoroughly at the snack shack –
- discussion on lower snack shack having grilled food:

lower snack shack would need a lot of work in order to have burgers/grill food

Around the Table:
- parking for umps- 2 umps approached him as they didn't have anywhere to park – they advised if
they don't have a place to park they won't stay. Umps currently have 4 spots.
- play off schedule starts June the 6
; ends Saturday the 16th
7pm championship game - last 4 games are at 7pm.

- Need to order shirts for 12 year olds that are leaving - all 12 year old names on the back
Joe D
- Eggberts came to spray for weeds – however, there was someone in the parking lot that told
them we were all set and that we had a contract already with someone else. the guy turned
around and left.
- Are Signs and banners for this year ready?

Melissa advised 4 are done. Randy confirmed the rest need to all be replaced.

- wants brackets for poles, they haven't been ordered yet, checking with Tom to see if there are
any on hand already. If not they need to be ordered.
- Lower snack shack - will stop serving burgers as they cannot keep them warm.
- Reminder that calendars are due Wednesday
John C - nothing
Randy –
- He needs an answer by the end of the week for tournament directors

need someone by Thursday to do the tournaments or league is charged $400 -
starts June 22nd- at least 2 weeks - break for 4th of July
Board members need to help volunteer during tournaments
Confirmed later on in meeting 9/10 tournament directors: Louis Lampron & Sasha
Confirmed after meeting softball tournament director: John Clark

- are we having tabs at the snack shack?

no tabs for anyone

Amanda - nothing


- lions have 11 kids on the roaster-
1 got hurt and is no longer playing and another that got hit during a scrimmage and will

not hit during the game.
1 minor league player was brought up to fill position

- if player who got hit doesn't bat it is an automatic out each time he comes up in the batting
- All-star discussion:
32 -12 year olds
19- 11 year olds
14- 9/10s
need to wait till forms are in to decide how to split teams
need 12 - 11 year olds for all stars - if any get pulled up to 12 year old team there may not
have enough for the 11 year old team.
need to get all-star slips to Jenn or Randy to make voting list
kids usually pick 6 and the managers pick the rest

- Jenn to send an email/message to all managers to get all-star forms in by Wednesday night
- Amanda to send email to all majors re all-star forms and to send them to Jenn by Wednesday
Heather - nothing
John M
- bought 4 bats 27inch/19oz - advised to order 4 more
- ordering all star hats this week - needs to know how many to order.
- needs to know what style uniforms to get for softball
- needs to get more field conditioner before tournaments
- snack shack was shut down on Saturday as volunteers did not have background checks done.
These need to be done prior to volunteering.
- there are now gloves in the shack for those handling food
- cash people cannot touch food
- getting hand sanitizers for snack shack - 1 for each shack
Melissa- nothing
- child protection program is being taken very seriously –

email received says “mind your own business” is no longer an acceptable term.

All must report suspected situations, you are considered a mandated reporter.
- another email rec'd re altering a helmet advises this may void the certification of the helmet.
Board will be buying a helmet for the child who got hit as we added a guard which is now
considered an alteration.

- end of season parties for teams-
softball movie night - softball majors and minors only

$350 for end of year party - per league

- the 16th is the majors championship game - minors/instructional can use the field the rest of the
week for under the lights games.
- Last year we started doing a $500 scholarship – we need to come up with criteria for who should
get the award
Anne –
- has a list of things for the cleaning lady
- the cleaning lady went out and bought her own cleaning supplies and expected us to refund her.
Sasha will look into seeing what others charge for commercial cleanings, so we can
compare prices.
Additional discussions:
Louis stated in regard to the end of season – we used to do a nice banquet in September at the high
school and recognized the teams who won and the all-star teams – He stated we may get more
volunteers if coaches felt they were still part of the league during the summer.
Westbrook together days
- we are marching in the parade –
- we need to let managers know to have teams be there at 9:45am.
- Ok to bring candy to toss to crowd.
Next meeting: Monday June 18th @ 7pm

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