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Westbrook Little League Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2017

Election meeting outcome:

Randy MacWhinnie - President

Amanda Mclaskey - Information Officer

Jennifer Wescott - Player agent

Randy Mitchell - Safety Officer

Kristen Damon - Secretary

Anne Harvey - Concessions Manager

John McCarthy - Purchasing Agent

Tom England - Grounds & Maintenance

Melissa Remington - Sponsorship Coordinator

Heather Seavey - Fundraiser Coordinator

Lewis Lampron - Umpire in Chief

Bryan Harvie – VP Major Baseball

Brian Heal -  VP Minor Baseball

Jim Seavey  - VP Junior Softball

Joe DeRoche – VP Major Softball

John Clark – VP Minor Softball

Paul Dalrymple - VP,Tee ball

We have two open positions still available

- Treasurer

- VP, Instructional

New Board members were asked to take the table for the rest of the meeting.


Randy MacWhinnie, Bill Williams, John McCarthy, Melissa Remington, Anne Harvey, Lewis Lampron, John Clark, Joe DeRoche, Jennifer Wescott, Amanda Mclaskey, Kristen Damon, Paul Delrymple, Brian Heal, Bryan Harvie, Randy Mitchell, Jim Seavey, Tom England, Hillary Damon, Heather Seavey

Open discussions

New board members were welcomed,

  • advised requirement to attend at least 75% of meetings to keep position,

  • meeting discussions are confidential,

  • meetings will be held on Sunday nights @6pm

Next meeting on November 12,

  • requesting major baseball coaches to be there to discuss teams for 2018.

  • Will need to drop a team in 2018 and possibly a team in 2019

Clean Up day

  • September 30th @ 8:30

    • Signs to come down

    • Nets to come down

    • Batting cages taken down

    • Clean up complex

Field projects-

  • Approved for project board to stay the same

  • Lewis recommended focus on Warren Field & parking lot

  • Anne recommended moving concessions to localized spot

    • Unable to due d/t gas line and expense to relocate

  • Discussed softball field cost was 32,000 on new fence and dugout

  • Boys fence estimate is 24,700 d/t longer fences, and higher backstop. This cost includes pulling poles, new poles and fencing

  • CW wants to work with little league on improving complex

  • Need to track volunteer hours: volunteer hours = $$ donated from CW

  • Parking lot will cost 60-80,000 – will approach city for 1/3 as they use lot for buses

**Board approved to go all in on request for baseball fields – new dugouts w/ slabs, fences, parking lot, 2 story concessions on warren field

Home Run Dance

  • Committee to stay the same with added help- lead by Lori Macwhinne


  • Needs a new tire – have plugged multiple times

**Board approved snowmobile club to use tractor

Around the table:

John McCarthy reminded everyone of added expense for this year- new bats

  • All major league bats are illegal and new bats will be needed

  • possibility of bulk rate from dicks?

Anne presented request to have Hillary Damon as co-concessions

  • discussion that this was a position on the board that was no filled last year and position remains vacant.

  • Lewis nominated Hillary Damon; 2nd- Amanda Mclaskey

** Board approved Hillary Damon as Concession Assistant

Jim requested need of additional practice field for softball d/t losing Saccarappa field

  • Discussed possibility of stripping Obrien field

  • Discussed difficulties of using Obrien

  • Recommendation to ask city about using Frasier Field for practices

Discussed Jr Softball – many senior league eligible players graduating. Discussed possibility of district wide team if there are not enough players to fill a team. – district 6.

Action Items:

  • Request major baseball coaches to be at next meeting on November 12th @ 6pm

  • Ask city about assisting with new parking lot

  • Ask city about using Frasier Field for softball practices

  • Look into bulk rate deal on new bats

Agenda for Next Meeting

Discussion regarding dropping a Major league team in 2018 with coaches


The next general meeting will be at 6:00pm on November 12, 2017.

Minutes submitted by: Kristen Damon
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