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Westbrook Little League Board Meeting Minutes 3/26/2017

Randy MacWhinnie, Tom England, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, Lori MacWhinnie, Louie Lampron, Joe DeRoche, Bryan Harvie, Jim Seavey, Heather Seavey, Alisha Bailey , Amanda McClaskey, Bill Williams, Mike Eugley and Damian Dow

Meeting Started at 6pm ended at 830pm

Motion to accept previous Minutes- approved unanimous

Motion to accept Treasurers Report- approved unanimous

Treasures Report-Bill Willams

• Dugouts will now happen in the fall, due to timing
• Registration Fees down, 2 reasons
o Low participation
o Teams sponsors need to pay

Motion to accept: Mike   2nd Amanda: (Damian should have had the 2nd , but Bryan when you think Bryan is playing hard ball, he throws the curve)


• Board need to be united
• We need to work as a team
• We are behind as a board and we have a lot to do to catch up
• I wish my wife would stop talking while I am talking
• We have a couple open board positions, Lori and Bryan will run TBall together, Board was all in favor-Thank you Lori and Thank you Bryan

All Star Dates

9-10 SoftballWestbrook June 23rd

9-10 BaseballFalmouth/Buxton June 23rd

10-11 Softball Yarmouth  July 7th

10-11 BaseballCumberland/Westbrook June 30th

11-12 SoftballGrey/SP National   June 16th

11-12 Baseball Scarborugh/Portland June 23rd

Juniors Softball Windham June July 8th

Juniors Baseball Cape Elizabeth July 1st

State Baseball Westbrook July 21st

Beast Friday July 28th (River Rats will take over Beast, $2500 WLL, $2000 Snowmobile, WLL runs snack Shack-50% WLL, $40 Snowmobile, 10% River Rats



Interleague Play-Scheduling, May start a week early

Practice at WCC SB needs time and asking for 90minutes 2x per week

Alternative Tryout Thursday 5-6 inWCC


Requesting 1 day for Junior Softball practice time in WCC



Home Run Fence Repair will be happening soon, Phoenix Welding to fix poles and flag poles, Tome to order new catch net

SB Dugouts need to be finished, protective fence and painting

Ordering new fence protective poles

Also looking at benches, hangers and bat holders

Damian to paint stairs on press box

Water will be turned on soon

Clean up Days-April 15th and 22nd  WLL,   Obrien will be 28th

This is When Bryan had to leave the meeting to go get his parents at the airport and Damian took over the minutes, my apologies everyone, but Damian did offer to go get Bryans parents


Opening Day list of events

Can HS Softball Players Come as well as Baseball Players

To add to itinerary

+Cornelia Warren to thank you list

+Phoenix Welding to thank you list(Damian just added)

+Burns Fencing

Damian to ask mrs. Smith to see if 7/8th grade jazz band can do star spangled banner

First pitch for softball Cornelia Warren

Louie to ask Burns fencing for baseball first pitch


HomeRun Dance

Meeting this Tuesday and we need help spreading the word, tell coaches and VPs to spread message

Dance is April 8th

Donation Prizes still coming in…about $4000 right now in prizes



Registrations-Minors has two teams, we need more, Minors needs to build up

Damian suggest board to think about new strategies for registrations, timing of the start of registrations is too early, families are not thinking baseball during basketball and hockey season. Suggests starting sign ups the week before evaluations.

Louie suggests having all sports teams meet and work together on educations flyers on when registrations are for each league(personally, I think Louie is on to something as this has been suggested before by a really good looking guy). Louie, you are a genius my friend.


Need to Circle Back on Opening Day

Sarah Catalano wants to set up shirt station on opening day so she can make shirts on the spot. 

Board voted 13 yes and 2 obstain

Other sponsors to be reached out to. Extreme will get courtesy call from_____________?

Around the Table

Tom-All set(we all know, he probably wasn’t it, if you remember Randy woke him up for a coma)

Anne-All Set (but she has great hair)

Lori-All set(glad we were all sitting down when we heard that breaking news)

Rebecca-needs to know how many teams per league-Heather, Lori and Bill to help

Sponsors need to pay, Xtreme and Lions

(thanks for offering us all a chocolate bar Rebecca)

Louie- 2 things(actually I think it was three, but Rebecca just nudged him as he was snoring…again)

1)Needs majors schedule with umpire sheets so he can put that together-Mike to help

Needs major softball with umpire sheets so he can put together-Jim to help

2) Requests 4 umpire parking spots for season-Board Unanimously yes. For tournaments, he will request four more spots at a later date.

Jim- All set (thank god)

Joe- needs registration forms as he has a group interested in signing up

Denise-Umpiring training for high school, when you doing that Lou…

When will dugouts happen for painting

Alisha-All set

Amanda- Website we will close on Friday night for majors registrations, but players can still register on Saturday in person, all others registrations will stay open

Wants a summary of information from each VP of each league in what happens at each league, example in T-ball, ball is placed on a T, fundamentals of fielding, throwing and hitting are introduced

Bill-(we all knew he would have more)

Coaches that need to be approved before opening day should be presented next board meeting


Donnie Meserve Award Candidates should all be submitted to Randy before April 10th

Each board member should email a candidate list to Randy of 1-3 candidates

Memorial Garden-Please place candidates on white board as you think of them, to be voted on next meeting

First Aid kits to be restocked, asking for $100 or so dollars to replace items, john to order icepacks through extreme and small first aid kits

Task Time line and Board Positions Binder, work in progress as board members need to pass in information

Mike –

Letter from John regarding an automatic. Based on our by-laws and the LLI by laws the player was released back into minors and the team was already compensated in that same 2016 draft. Mike to handle.

Randy- Greg Post wants to do a Home Run Derby, April 22n at note. Vote 14 yes and 1 no

Next Meeting: Monday the 10th 6pm


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