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MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Randy MacWhinnie, Mike Eugley, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, Lou Lampron, John McCarthy, Joe DeRoche, Amanda Mclaskey, Alisha Bailey, Matt Brunner and Damian Dow

MEMBERS ABSENT: Bill Williams, Brian Harvie, Tom England, Jim Seavey, Heather Seavey, Lori MacWhinnie and Denise Cole



Format of Tonight’s meeting is around the table



$3995 in Checking $32,697 in Savings

10 deposits in February for Approximately $9000

We paid our $2700 to Little League International to be Chartered

Checking in to the $348 from Extreme for Catchers Gear (John McCarthy)

Motion to accept Treasurers Report: 1st John, 2nd Matt  Unanimous in favor


RESIGNATION FROM VP OF T BALL: Kanaan LaPierre cannot fulfill needs of position due to personal reasons. Vacancy to be placed on Website as well as each Board Member should try to recruit someone.


Matt Brunner-Player Agent

Grondin may tear down and dispose of baseball dugouts for free. Matt is taking lead role in communication this. We may reconvene talks with Cornelia Warren Foundation per their request. Update by Matt to be provided at next board meeting. They may allocate more funding for project.



Damian Dow-Safety Officer

Board Binder

Damian Presented ideas for a “Board Positon Binder” for a magnitude of reasons.

The Binder will provide incoming board members a list of their expected duties and a time line for when those duties are to be done. This should help with the transitional period of a new member in a new position as well as generate lines of communication between board members. This will also encourage members to work as closer as a team as the board member stigma will be less if not broken. This will help establish a consistent pattern from board to board.

Each board member is to forward a list of their current positional duties and a time line of when those duties are to be done to Damian by March 20th. Mike, Randy and Damian will work on the binder for the next board meeting on the 26th.


Information Board for Display and Website

Should be posted in WLL area as well as on Website.

Should have special projects listed to volunteers can sign up.

Should contain information pieces regarding softball and baseball programs, projects and facility concerns. 

Information Officer and Safety Offer should take a lead role in this.

Attendance Sheets

Each Board meeting will have an attendance sheet that sheet will be provided at each Board meeting. This will help determine needs of communication as well as overall board involvement.

Log of Misconduct

To support the code of conduct and help with any unfortunate disciplinary action, there should be a log book keep of any incident description with date, and rectification outcome. This would to serve as a support system for future outcomes.

Player Agent and President should keep this is locked cabinet in clubhouse. Damian to help writeup infarctions from last three years since code of conduct was implemented.

Softball Batting Cages

Issues with softball batting cages from last year. Lots of piping was bent and damaged. John to price out new cages for the softball program. possible re-thinking of location. 

Home Run Dance

Board determined if they should take part in selling tickets that there should be a count of what is sold now before the board takes over in adding extra efforts in selling. The homerun dance committee should consider at different volunteers for their group in addition to the members they already have as there is a lot of responsibilities. May consider a parent helper committee.


Amanda-Information Officer

We have 50 people registered

When voting online a Summary email should be updated to show how majority votes(supported by Rebecca)

All Board members should look at the new website prior to the next meeting and provide necessary feedback to Amanda either before or during the next board meeting.

Joe VP of Minors Softball

Sign-up on line is confusing 

We should look a unsafe situation of skilled players playing in leagues of Tball, instructional and Minors program. 2 Board members will check in on player in a playing or practice situation and make an appropriate decision on proper league location for player with parents input.

John-Purchasing and Equipment Agent

Uniform tops are approximately $5 more for Majors. 

All major teams will be in white pants?

Communication for equipment needs in all levels should be done by league VP, coaches and John


Dicks Sporting Goods Reminder-She will resend email to all board members and VP’s should pass it on to the coaches who should in-turn pass it on to their teams. No need to volunteer at his anymore, but people must bring coupons to the store for their purchases. Rebecca will forward this as soon as she can.

Anne-Snack Shack

League to buy IPAD that will be mounted in snack shack. Motivation for this is convenience of those who do not carry cash will purchase with card and possibly increase revenue. Anne will be food licensed by next week per Randy’s help. John to help initiate the installation of the internet line.

Mike -VP of Majors Baseball

New kids clinic was a bit of disappointment. The kids that were there did awesome and a great turnout by coaches, but only 15 kids participated. Possible reasons that affected low outcome was nice day, vacation week and just simply early in the year for baseball as winter sports are still wrapping up.

We picked up 10 registrations because of the clinic.



Each Board member to list each description of their duties

Board should help promote Home Run Dance but solid numbers should be presented to justify need for help as well as determine how to help.

Information Board-Damian to research products and get back to Board. Topics to include special projects, home run ball info, programs, safety info, dates…etc….


Discipline Committee needs to be re-established

The committee should be comprised of

League President

Player Agent

VP of impacted league

Safety Officer and 

Board felt it would be beneficial to place a lady from the board on the committee, to be determined for the next meeting or Randy appointments one.


Next MEETING: March 26th, 6pm(Please email Randy if you cannot attend)




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