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Minutes found for 2014


WLL Board Meeting 4/21/14 
1. No meeting minutes from last meeting – we will review at next meeting 
2. Treasurer’s Report: 
a. Checking account, $5,251.32 
b. Savings account , $21,437.39 
c. Player registrations, we are about $1,000 behind last year 
d. Team sponsors we are about $400 behind last year 
e. $1,000 behind in signs and pennants 
f. Suggestion to sell spot on the snack shack building facing the community center, would be worth a premium 
g. Expenses on track, revenue down a little but the Home Run Ball offset almost all of the revenue we have lost 
h. Motion to Accept Report by C. Klement, Seconded by L. MacWhinnie, Approved Unanimously. 
3. The Board reviewed a few players who have not yet paid to date, VP’s will follow up 
4. Opening Day 

a. Al Hirst singing national anthem 
b. Trying to have parking lot swept 
c. Parking lot barriers 
d. American flags are in and need to go up – Tom will do Friday 
e. Pennants are not yet done, can’t go up yet... as soon as possible 
f. Snack shack people need help because all teams are playing. Lori is making up a schedule and she will circulate among the board. 
g. Teams will have numbered locations to gather prior to going on the field. Major teams will line up on 3rd base side, outside of field, all other teams will line up on 1st base side, outside of the field. Lori will circulate these numbers to the Board. 
h. Will need extra people in the morning to help prep the field, etc. 
i. Snack shack will open at 10am Saturday 
j. Randy will be hosting the day – on the microphone, etc. 
5. Around 
a. C. Klement – nothing 
b. T. England – 
i. O’Brien field took more work than thought, bill is around $600. 
ii. Dugout by Volunteer repaired with a reduction in price of $250 from Hancock Lumber. Total cost of this project around $550. Thanks to Lee Heavel and Rik Jordan for doing the work. 
iii. Field paint on the way. 
iv. Port-a-potties on the way for Foster, O’Brien and Walker. 
v. Water is on. 
vi. Missing 2 chains, 2 locks from softball field. 
c. L. MacWhinnie – 
i. Picture packets ready, no team schedule yet – scheduled for May 10. 
ii. Suggestions for returnable bottles? Westbrook Market will give $.06 per bottle. 
d. K. LaPierre – nothing 
the Table: 

e. J. McCarthy – 
i. Concern about playoffs starting June 7 – WHS graduation 
ii. Concern about the quality of uniforms that we’re getting for this price. Suggestion to raise our registration fees for majors only, and let them keep their jerseys ($90-$100?). Motion made by J. McCarthy to get new uniforms every year for major softball and baseball, with new fee of up to $100 to be determined at a later date. Second by C. Klement. Motion withdrawn by J. McCarthy, seconded by C. Klement. Will discuss at next meeting. 
iii. We need to maintain our fields. Sweep out dugouts, plug bases and remove the bases, smooth out those areas, fill holes in pitchers’ mound and batters boxes with clay if necessary. We need two new tarps for softball, and a new method of pinning the tarps. We will go with small sandbags now – Tom is ordering. 
f. L. Lampron – 
i. Umpire schedule, only 6 games do not have 2 umpires. 
ii. Major baseball and softball coaches, must call umpires in case of cancellations and ask if the umpire can do the rescheduled date. Same if game time gets moved. 
g. D. Dow – 
i. Code of conduct due by opening day to Randy MacWhinnie 
ii. All-star commitment forms due to division V.P. 
iii. Lost & found located in snack shack 
iv. Can we get brooms for each dugout? 
v. Willing to help get things ready for opening day – share what needs to be done. 
h. B. Williams – no update 
i. G. Post – no update 
j. D. Woody – Motion to approve tee ball coaches John Filteral, Heather Anderson, Don Bulik, Lisa Helms, Kristen Damon, Dan Davis, Wes Davis, Julie Garber, Victor Chau, Trisha Wilkens. Seconded by J. McCarthy, unanimous approval. 
k. M. Mullett – no update 
l. R. MacWhinnie – Will be getting new shelving in snack shack. 
6. Motion to schedule next meeting for Sunday May 18, 4-6pm. 
7. Motion to adjourn at 7:36 PM 

4/6/14 Board Meeting Minutes Secretary’s Report-
Motion to accept by L.H., 2nd by S.S. 14 yay, 1 abstain, motion passed. 
Treasurer’s Report-Reported by L.M. attachment given. Motion to accept by C.K., 2nd by K.L. All in favor 
T-Ball Coach Approval (D.W.)-All background checks are in except for Garrett and Taylor. Jack Gerber Melissa Hayes Chad Wilkins 
Scott Garrett Kim Keil Scott Taylor- motion to accept all pending background checks by T.E., 2nd by J.M. All in favor 
Minor Softball Coach Approval- Dawn Kelley 
Kayla Tibbetts Ann-Marie Mayberry Christine Ferrald Joe Boulay Joel Braun Kathy Ball-motion to accept all pending background checks by D.W., 2nd by C.K. All in favor 
Minor Baseball Coach Approval- Brian Harvey Mark Trott James Fickett 
Kerry Kimball Mark Morrin Steve Orr Kanaan LaPierre Sean Benn 
Mark Pease 
Mitch Kosoff-motion to accept all pending background checks by L.W., 2nd by D.W. All in favor Major Baseball Coach Approval- 
Matt Brunner 
Mark Damon-motion to accept both pending background checks by D.W., 2nd by K.L. All in favor Major Softball Coach Approval- 
Katelyn Benson-motion to accept pending background check by J.M, 2nd by K.L. All in favor 
Team Snap (M.M.)-suggestion to get league wide membership for 4-6 months at roughly $160. If it does not get used by the majority of the teams it can be canceled at any time. Motion to accept by L.M., 2nd by L.H. 14 yay 1 abstain, motion passed. 
Messer Team Parent Concern (L.M.)-2 parents have concerns, J. Seavey explained to the board that he is not happy with the tone of practices, his child does not want to play for this team. After much discussion, R. MacWhinnie, S. Shackley and C. Klement will meet with the manager once again to give WLL expectations and a timeline for them to be followed. 
HRB Update (L.M.)- Made $5,697.00, offset what was lacking in budget. Will have it one month earlier next year. 
Clean Up Day 

Opening Day-Ask both H.S. teams to be there to surround George Apt while he throws both baseball and softball ceremonial first pitch. Also have a plaque made for George for his years of service. Motion by L. Lampron, 2nd by D. Dow. All in favor. 
Al Hirst will sing. Teams will be assigned a numbered area to lessen the chaos of opening day. 
Motion for a 75 year anniversary pennant for Little League by M. Mullett, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor 
Press Box (T.E.) Mower from OBrien field is at Chad Little. 
Water will be turned on 4/11/14 
Field Usage 
Parking Lot Usage for Practice-just be aware that it is not safe and keep players from running into street for loose balls 
Public Field/Private Field-No Trespassing signs will be updated as well as NO Dogs allowed added to signage 
Dugout repair-quotes: Home Depot $1099.04 w/ sales tax. Hammond $997.03 no tax No Trespassing Signs Clean Up Day Lift Rental 
Sod Cutter Fence Repair Batting Cage Softball Batting Cage Repair Light Pole with light for softball 
WLL Donation to OM (A.M.) 

3/9/14 Board Meeting Notes Meeting called to order 5:02 pm 

Secretary’s Notes- Motion to accept by B. Williams, 2nd by J. McCarthy. All in favor 
Treasurer’s Notes-handed out by B. Williams. Motion to accept by J. McCarthy, 2nd by D. Woody 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed. Concern with budget with small registration numbers. All purchases on hold for one week. Suggested that current sponsors be given until 4/2 to make sponsor payment or their sponsorship will be bypassed. 
Port City Graphics-Schedule all set 
Background checks-Reported by D. Dow. More softball people need to get this done. Umpires will be checked as well. 
By-Laws: Should be done in the fall from now on. -softball-see attached -baseball-see attached 
Motion to accept both by D. Woody, 2nd by B. Williams. All in favor Motion for By-Laws to be made for Lower Little League levels made by C. Klement, 2nd by B. Williams. 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed 
Field signs and pennants-Sign renewal $100 motion by B. Williams, 2nd by D. Woody. 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed. PennantRenewal$50MotionmadebyL.MacWhinnie,2ndbyM.Mullett.9yay,5nay,1abstain. Motion passed. 
Initial sign cost $265 motion by B. Williams, 2nd by J. McCarthy. 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed. Initial pennant cost $75 motion by B. Williams, 2nd by J. McCarthy. 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed. 
2014 LL baseball schedule-check 
Major Raffle -ticket printing, gift cards, Red Sox tickets, motion to put up to $2000 on league credit card made by B. 
Williams, 2nd by D. Woody. 14 yay, 1 nay. Motion passed. Meal deals, winner names will be listed at snack shack for product control 
Lower Snack Shack-motion to rotate 4 people (3 in upper shack, 1 in lower) from entire league made by L. MacWhinnie, 2nd by B. Williams. 13 yay, 2 nay. Motion passed. 
Beast-Other two groups asking WLL to re discuss 50/25/25. Motion for 40/30/30 by L. Lampron, 2nd by J. McCarthy. 5 yay, 7 nay, 2 abstain. Motion rejected. Stay at 50/25/25 Beast committee-D. Woody, B. Williams, R. MacWhinnie, L. MacWhinnie 
Picture Schedule-L. MacWhinnie will send dates Clean Up Days- 4/12 and 4/13 T. England will send out the to do list Try Outs- 3/29 Registrations- 3/29 Coaches 

-Messer- Tim Griffith, Pat Demers motion by A. Michaud, 2nd by B. Williams. 13 yay, 2 abstain. Motion passed. 
-Sappi- Brian Desjardins, Sheldon Remick, Rick Jordan -DQ- Brad Wallace, Dave Brackett -Kiwanis- Lee Heavel, Eric Brewer, Mike Dillon 
Motion by J. McCarthy, 2nd by D. Woody. All in favor. 
ROUND TABLE C. Klement- All Star Commitment forms-send to managers. Motion by C. Klement, 2nd by D. Woody. All 
in favor T. England- worry about the weather. 75th Anniversary for Little League, 40th for Softball. L. MacWhinnie- Home Run Ball tickets still on sale. Will email VP’s the list of already registered players. S. Shackley-Corey Wright says that Steve is all set to coach and fulfill Player Agent role. D. Woody-Bottle drive 5/3. T-ball clinic 3/29 G. Post-any information to be posted on FB page should be sent to G. Post or R. MacWhinnie. R. MacWhinnie-Code of Conduct forms will be printed to be filled out at all team meetings. 
Next board meeting 4/6 at 6pm Meeting adjourned at 8:57pm 

2/9/14 WLL Board Meeting Agenda 

Called to meeting 6:00 pm 
Treasurer’s Notes- reported copies given from B. Williams. R. MacWhinnie will touch base with CMP regarding high usage report. Motion to accept made by D. Woody, 2nd by J. McCarthy. All in favor. Beast Representatives-The Reps from each group are looking for a commitment from the WLL in the same format however changing the profit split to 30/30/40. L. Lampron still concerned about payment for umpires, L. MacWhinnie concerned about losing volunteers because of communication gap. Motion to keep the split at 25/25/50 made by G. Post, 2nd by D. Woody. Vote passed 10-7 
Charter-everything submitted and passed. Thanks to all that partook in getting this done. Westbrook Centennial-tabled till more details are available 
Bully issue for softball player-Post the chain of steps that need to be taken to file a complaint on the WLL website. Also possibly put it in a General Information Handbook. 
Bottle Drive-happening May 3. This will be an event open for all levels with focus on Minors and below. Motion made by D. Woody, 2nd by M. Eugley. All in favor 
CPR- dates for managers and coaches- 2/17 6-8pm,2/23 4-6pm, 2/24 6-8pm. D. Dow will also look into signs for handling hot grease to put in the Upper Shack. 
Home Run Ball update-Committee is meeting on a regular basis and donations from the city are coming in still 
New LL Rule about Player Agent-Player Agent cannot coach and a waiver will not be given. R. MacWhinnie will reach out to Shackley to see where he stands on either position. 
Update on Hats- $10.75 per hat, ok 
Paper City Classic- L. Lampron looking for WLL to purchase an ad. Full page ad at $100 to be purchased with half Beast to the East and half to the Home Run Ball. Motion made by C. Klement, 2nd by B. Williams. Vote passed 16-1 
Opening Day-Gary and Lori Reardon to throw out first pitch. Motion made by K. LaPierre, 2nd by D. Woody. Vote passed 10-1 
-motion to have donation made to Westbrook Strong from WLL made by L. Lampron, 2nd by M. Mullett. All in favor. 
Round Table- M. Mullett-2 teams need uniforms this year. Managers need keys to facility. 
A. Pednault-Sponsorship letters will be going out. Fees are; Majors $400, Minors $325, Instructional $300, T-Ball $250 with discounted rate if paid by 3/15. Motion made by B. Williams, 2nd by D. Woody. Vote passed 16-1 
-Chicago Dogs and Paper City Classic have asked to be added to waiting list of sponsors. -in order for better communication between treasurer and sponsor agent, a new lock on P.O. Box is 
needed. Motion by R. MacWhinnie, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor. 
B. Williams-Umpire sessions are available for coaches and managers to attend. State of ME Umpire Clinic 4/12 & 4/13 with a $20 fee. 

-re J. Ward. A meeting will be arranged between J. Ward, L. Lampron and R. MacWhinnie to talk to him about expectations for the following season. 
D. Woody- 4⁄5 Clinic has been postponed until another date can be found. 
L. Lampron-voiced that some people would like to see the “passing of the hat” again. -wanted to know status of last year’s team. Code of Conduct form will hopefully resolve this. 
-umpires needed. -interested in having an Opening Day brochure 
J. McCarthy-Minors to look at bats in storage before purchasing any. Ball situation is all set. Full Court Press and LeBeau Electric will be getting new uniforms. Equipment good from all groups. 
L. MacWhinnie-Trumpeter for Opening day, or Kathy Ball or Al Hurst. -microwave for Upper Shack, G. Post will look at WCC first. -new coffee pot needed -Rubbermaid storage for maid in Umpire room 
motion made by L. MacWhinnie, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor. 
T. England-clay-1⁄2 pallet or 20 bags from Sportsfield @ $21.34 per bag. Motion by T. England, 2nd by K. LaPierre. All in favor. 
C. Klement- Table By-Laws till next meeting -3/22 Activities Fair 9-11, nice to have representatives from all branches of WLL 
Next meeting 3/9/14 at 5pm (long meeting due to By-Law discussion) meeting adjourned 8:35pm

1/6/14 Minutes

Lisa Wallace as new VP in Minors. Motion by D. Woody, 2nd by T. England. All in favor

WLL Site-baseball/softball related only. Motion by L. MacWhinnie, 2nd by K. LaPierre. All in favor.

Sponsorship- discussion $50 fee for pennant, $150 for field sign plus cost of making it. $175 for both. Tabled for further research.

Vote in Major Managers submitted by President
Softball-motion by D. Woody, 2nd by T. England. All in favor Baseball-motion by D. Woody, 2nd by J. McCarthy. All in favor

By Laws, a need to be assessed and voted in every year in February. Motion by B. Williams, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor

Code of Conduct to be signed by players. Motion by A. Michaud, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor

Round Table
Greg Post- Sea Dogs night, registration fee up by $5, $3 to pay for ticket $2 profit to WLL. Any tickets bought for family members would still have a $2 kickback.

Randy-Portable pitching mound to be kept at Rec. Center to use off season. Approval for up to $800. Motion by D. Woody, 2nd by C. Klement. All in favor

Tom-pennants are down. American flag busted. Field work at Saccarappa-communication with the principal. Have people manning and working on clean up day. TruGreen up front payment 5%
off. Motion by L. MacWhinnie, 2nd by B. Williams. Softball field-new sprinkler heads, out field in rough shape. New light pole, Randy will assess. Turface-Sportsfield, will store it as well. Pallet $13.92/bag roughly 6 pallets at $556.80 each. Motion by T. England,2nd by C. Klement. All in favor

John-Equipment ordered by March

Lori-new printer cost vs old printer toner. New printer for $169.99. Motion by T. England, 2nd by J. McCarthy. All in favor

Mike E.-Minors to Sat. AM rather than Sun AM as long as it doesn’t impede Majors schedule. Will help with Shack staffing. Motion by M. Eugley, 2nd by D. Woody. 10 in favor, 4 not in favor, majority approved.

Lee- Check on equipment, bases for instructional
Damien- Volunteer Application form, no SS# needed
Chris- Regional manager at Dick’s, Little League Appreciation Day, need more people manning the table. Next meeting set 2/9/14 at 6pm.
meeting adjourned 8:36pm 

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