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Dec, 2020

Hit pit participation list needed

As we move closer to the New Year,  registration will be opening and we are planning for some winter activities at the Hit Pit at the Westbrook Community Center. This is not an easy task in the environment we are in. In past years we have often had upwards of 15-20 kids at any 1 hour session. The upcoming year we are capped at 8 kids per 45 minute block and we only have a few blocks a week. This is a reduction in both time and the amount of players. We as a league would like it to be open for all ages 7-15, however at this time all ages look less likely. Before we can move forward I'd like to gather some information to aid in our planning. Please keep in mind that all players and coaches will be required to wear a mask 100 percent of the time and the facility will be cleaned in between groups of players. 
Below are the estimated starting dates and times, Baseball, Softball and JR Baseball all have a day each week. If you have any interest please respond and confirm the following information

PLEASE REPLY if your child is interested in attending, PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION; 
Childs Full Name
Date of Birth
Division - either Baseball, Softball, JR Baseball

Dates of Hit Pit Activities

Mondays 6pm to 8pm Baseball Possible Ages 7-12 Starting January 4rth
Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm JR Baseball Ages 13-15 Starting January 5th
Thursday 6pm to 8pm Softball Ages Possible 7-13 Starting January 7th

Thank you for taking time to review this and for your understanding in these times.  Based on the replies we receive back it will help us determine how we move forward with planning. If you have any questions please reach out to me. 

Happy New Year