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Westbrook Little League Board Minutes

November 04, 2018

Board Members:
Randy MacWhinnie Lori MacWhinnie
Lewis Lampron John McCarthy
John Clark Heather Clark
Jenn Wescott Kevin Anderson
Kristen Damon Jaime Cerullo
Sasha Johnson Amanda McLaskey
Bob Harvey Anne Harvey
Kate Lahey
Meet Started:
John M motion to accept previous meeting minutes – Lori Second- board agreed.
Randy announced John McCarthy was going to VP of majors- Heather Clark will be assisting with
purchasing agent as an assistant to learn the role in order to take over for next year this will be a 1 year
position w/ a vote. Motion – Jenn; Anne second - board agreed.
treasurer report-
- Jaime advised in the past 30 days Randy and Jaime went to the bank and made Jaime the
"official owner" registered agent for the checking account
- They removed phil from the account
- Jaime advised she is committed to migrate our current QuickBooks to the web-based platform –
o She is committed to get it done by November 15th.
- She advised she needs direction from the board on what needs to be presented monthly
1. treasures report:
- what do we want to see?
i. what we spent,
ii. how much is in checking and savings,
iii. pending payments,
iv. deposits – broken into registrations/snack shack/sponsorships - Do not
separate softball and baseball – we are all 1 league
v. comparison from this year to last year "this time last year"

2. Budget:
- Jaime would like to create a budget based on what we spent in past years-

- Comments: budgets are nice, but 1 thing goes array and it will change instantly –
- Agreed to try one – keeping in mind registration is down and we won't have as much
coming in.
- Jaime will present a proposed budget at the next board meeting.
3. Receipt management:
- Jaime would like the board to be digitized
- can take pictures of receipt with phone
- will still keep back up paper files
- this will help with time management
- Board agreed
4. Expense management
- Jaime couldn’t gather process by looking through past information on file- how do we
approve expenses?
- Comments:
i. Most things are brought to the board for a vote
ii. if we are doing something big - we bring it to a vote at the board meeting
iii. Equipment- typically Randy brings to the board for approval
iv. president can spend up to $200 w/o approval
v. field/small stuff that is always needed- example trash bags - is done w/o vote
vi. concessions shopping is done w/o a vote

5. Cash management
- Jaime would like to propose to establish a cash procedure-
i. using tamper proof cash bags-
ii. 2 people validate –
iii. use app called slack to take pictures of deposit bags for verifications -
1. this would create a procedure for deposits- we need checks and
balances –
2. Board agreed only having treasurer, president, and 2 concessions
people to have access to app.

- Jaime will type up a process for closing the shack – closers will seal up the bag - and give
deposit to treasurer/concessions manager for deposit to be made.

6. Home depot cards
- Who has them? Randy has one, Tom has one
- Who should have them? Randy, Kevin, & Bob - should have an extra one as well - Kevin
advised he does not want a card; Jaime advised she has an extra if needed.

7. TD bank cards
- Who has them? Jaime, Randy, & Anne -

i. Randy's card is hooked up to Amazon for John McCarthy –
1. Jaime would like to ask that we open a WLL amazon account- and not
use personal account- will open prime account for WLL - there is a non
profit account- Jaime will set this up

- do John or Heather need one? No
- has anyone tried negotiating payment agreements with people we purchase through?
No - maybe we will look into this once QuickBooks is completed

8. Inventory management
- currently there isn't a strict inventory process –
- heavy equipment is listed on insurance- in March we go over the value of the
equipment –
- we do concessions inventory for the beast of the east tournament
Jaime asked is there anything the board wants to see from the treasurer?
What is in the account currently?
- Roughly 36,000 in checking –
i. Why is this in Checking? Shouldn’t it be kept in the savings account instead on
the checking? Discussion - is there a reason we have checking and savings
account? Jaime to check with Tammy to see if there is a reason - if there is no
reason to have 2 accounts- Jaime would like to combine into 1 checking

Recap: Jaime- will present new treasurers report, present budget, create amazon account, check with
Tammy on collapsing accounts, moving receipts to digital, type up new cash procedures and will
formalize how to relay accounting information.
Around the table:
Sasha- nothing
Amanda- nothing
asked for Randy's # 318-8808

- When do we want flyer in Thursday folders?
i. online registrations will open now/ in person registration at the clinic on the
22nd - in January push the website/Facebook. We need a deadline for
registration to close- March 15th for majors; March 31st for all other leagues. -
can't wait for last minute to confirm if we have 3 or 4 teams –

- will send another email with registration w/ flyer - and attach the email re redraft.
March 22 nd - clinic
March 23 rd - evals
March 30 th - evals

- Discussed - this year is very time sensitive for registrations - no exceptions for majors
after the date confirmed. minors instructional and t-ball need date for ordering
- will get flyer in Thursday folders asap and get flyers sent
- early bird registrations? by March 1st

Kate Lahey

- introduced herself and advised she came for t-ball VP –
- Melissa nominated Kate/Jon (1vote) as T-ball VP - 2nd John M; board confirmed. – (this
was later retracted by Kate following the meeting)

Kristen –

- Discussed need to separate and support roles – board needs to come together and
support those in each position and if someone from outside of the board wishes to help
out, they need to work with the person in that board seat: example fundraising ideas
need to work with Melissa to minimize the communications w/ our sponsors/local
businesses; all internet/publications need to go through Amanda and should not be
done by a non board member or any other board member.
- Discussed softball website- this should be turned over to Amanda if there will be posts
regarding WLL.
- Pricing out dug outs? still in the works – waiting on mason to price out


- applied for DD community cup fundraiser
i. costs us nothing and we get 100% of proceeds - free Sunday coffee card
- meeting with Stroudwater lodge elderly home - wants to do something unique to get
them involved w/ WLL and get them to games and kids there to volunteer/spend time
- working on the voucher for the sponsorship program
i. wanted approval to send out voucher/scholarship $30 kid-
ii. will apply to kids registrations for those who can't afford-
iii. first come first serve which may increase early registrations
iv. parents and kids need to sign an agreement -
- reached out to the seadogs for tickets- last time we lost money on this – but now we
don’t need to pay ahead for them (Melissa confirming this)
i. kids get to go on the field –
ii. picked a fireworks night – May 24 th – Friday
iii. looking to see if slugger will come down on opening day- confirming if
there is a cost for this

- dicks sporting goods- offered to come down and have bats available – maybe we could
do an equipment swap?
- Possibility of doing a vender fair? $30 a table - outdoors - outside in the spring - not sure
if the insurance covers?
- would like to offer sponsors to set up a table at the games- split up the day w/ shifts -
something to promote their business –

- is working on the end of year party /appreciation night - is this something we want to
plan? Board agreed yes for opening day and closing ceremonies to include all leagues –
need to do at the end of the season maybe right after the championship game

Heather- nothing
John C-

- Wanted to say fields look great -
i. Comment from Randy - softball field was getting done and looked great but
baseball fields were not – need to be doing all 3 fields.
ii. d/t mowers being broken we have hired someone to mow the field for the rest
of the season
1. Melissa- what about Obrien field? we are no longer using the field - all
games will be up at the big field.


- coming up with plans to build storage
- has someone looking at the dugouts to get them fixed -
- got approached about trugreen doing the field - Joe mentioned he had someone who
would provide a quote as well
- fields are being taken care of for now - mowers are getting looked at currently.
- What does he do to get fuel? use Randy’s debit card- proposed getting a prepaid fuel
card or buy it himself and get reimbursed

John M –

- Next managers meeting- Tuesday the 13th - at 6pm
- had a meeting with coaches- going down to 4 teams –
- had cleanup day and not many of the managers/coaches were there. John stated he
needs managers who are going to be involved- talked with Sasha and wants minor
baseball coaches involved as well. picking 4 managers at the meeting on the 13th.
- do we want to discuss sponsors now? We want to hold off for as long as possible to
know how many teams we will have.
- Board agreed Phoenix welding has done a lot of the work here at the field for free and
we need to keep them as sponsors.
- needs contact information for Gorham and windham to get schedule going and see if
they want to play us - randy will get to John M –
- Will have games under light 6/630 - other field 530 –
- Dicks sporting goods- met with new rep – they gave us about 2355 worth of gear last
year- baseballs, softballs, bags. – do we want gear or cash this year? getting cash this
year to buy what we want.
- AD star is part of Dick’s sporting goods- they will give us 20% off. approved for 3 dozen
to try. negotiating price of balls.
- catchers equipment is something that we need- do they need to price out and present
to board amount? Board agreed this is needed.

- Majors baseball needs to do a better job with organizing equipment
i. need to send out announcement to get equipment turned in so it can be
ii. Minors/instructional has all been turned in.
- can we do registrations at Dicks on Dick’s discount day? Yes - we can pick 2 weekends.
- Uniforms- are we ordering pants and shirts for all teams? idea to save money – for now
we need to price around for uniforms .


- She and Hillary talked about one doing the lower shack and one doing the upper shack
i. feels there are too many people giving directions and they want to try and make
things work smoother.

- Randy wants to get the window put in the shack - John C can do it - we can get a
discount at Hammond for window/


- last year mercy was a sponsor, who was the contact? can we get them to do a CPR/first
aide clinic? they like employees to volunteer- maybe they will get a volunteer to do this.
Melissa will look into this


- a good friend of his (Ed Symbol) reached out and said he wished little league would
reach out to him for donations - we will be reaching out for parking lot, and dug outs-
currently waiting on pricing – Randy attempted to get parking lot quotes but no one
showed up .


- district meeting last Sunday and we have tournaments
i. we have 11/12s for softball and 11/12s for softball - ends by July 3rd

Important Dates:
Opening day - April 28th
Next meeting - January 13th 6pm
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