Westbrook Little League Board
Meeting Minutes
August 13, 2018

Randy MacWhinnie
Lori MacWhinnie
Lewis Lampron
Kristen Damon
Jenn Wescott
Bryan Harvie
Phil Petry
Joe DeRoche
Anne Harvey
Sasha Johnson
John McCarthy
Tom England
Melissa Remington
John Clark
Phil passed around treasurer report – advised he will email updated report to be sent w/ minutes
- books close September 30th - will know year to date at that time
- Randy advised all machines will be serviced this year - some are completed already - still
have water bill to pay-
- John Motion - Sasha second - accepted by board
secretary minutes - John M motion - Sasha - second – accepted by board

- great job last night to Melissa with the appreciation night
- requested to get the board room cleaned before next meeting for new board
- position lists will be emailed out for approval before the next meeting to be handed out
Jenn - nothing
John M -
- needs $150 to get 11 inch softballs for fall ball
- bottles & cans? donate to another sport league in Westbrook? Board decided not to at this

Joe D –
- party Friday night - sandlot 2
- trying to get a fall softball team going – approved by board on FB
John C -
- need to do something for the parking lot or a dug out – will discuss; wrong time of year for
parking lot - would need to be in the spring
- discussed getting prices for dugouts - need volunteer hours and they will match it; timing is
brutal - hard part is getting the volunteer hours -
- John C to price out doing dugouts (Mason)
Bryan -
- needs to get cage nets down – will reach out to coaches to help get them down
- will recycle signs and take them down
- recommends combining end of season celebration w/ the appreciation night - in August
Sasha - nothing
- discussed Jimmy Foye golf tournament - we will support 2 holes - $150 - we do this every
year- John M- motion - Jenn - second - accepted by board - phil will send check
Lori - nothing
Anne -
- Received a thank you card from the McCarthy family -
- Marcus is still planning the home run derby - do we want shack open? No
o didn't happen d/t weather
- need to know when water is getting shut off and when they can clean the hood
- Anne will clean softball shack and snack shack before water is getting shut off
- both shacks need a paint job
- football will buy any food left over - drinks were brought down to the softball for their party
Tom - nothing
Melissa -
- thinking of how to get numbers higher for next year - (# of players)
o businesses want to sponsor a team, but we don't have enough teams - suggestion to
sponsor kids - bring to the next board for discussion.
- Board discussed making position of sponsorship & fundraiser into 1 position to ease asking

business for different things from different people
o motion to make position of sponsorship & fundraiser –
 Sasha motion - Anne second - board accepted

Phil - how do we know what position is available? all positions are available - are there any definite
openings? None known- however all positions are available.

Next Meeting:
September 23rd at 6pm. - 1st discussion will be what to do with the major’s teams next year

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