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2020 Registration form

Westbrook Little League - Softball & Baseball

2020 Registration Form 


  • Must reside in Westbrook (a false statement of residence may lead to ineligibility to play in the Westbrook Little League)

  • Must have been born between September 1st 20015 and December 31st, 2007 for Baseball.

  • Must have been born between January 1st, 20013 and December 31st, 2003 for Softball

  • Must provide birth certificate as proof of age at time of registration & be accompanied by an adult

Player’s Name __________________________________Gender:  ___M or F___   DOB _________________

Address _______________________________ E-Mail_____________________________________________

If re-registration, Name of 2019 team: _____________________number ______________________________

If Brother/Sister in Little League, their name: _______________________ Team Name :_________________

Parents Name _______________________________________ Home# _____________Cell# _____________

Are you interested in volunteering?____ Yes ____ No If Yes Name/position____________________________

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEDICAL RELEASE FORM

In case of emergency, if “Emergency Contacts” and/or family physician cannot be reached, I hereby authorize my child, ___________________________________, to be treated by another available physician.

First Emergency Contact: ________________________Phone #_____________Relationship______________

Second Emergency Contact: _____________________Phone #_____________Relationship_______________

Please list any Illnesses, Medications or Allergies:________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian’s Signature: _________________________________Date: _________________________

Name of Child’s Primary Physician: __________________________ Phone # (very important):_____________

MEDIA RELEASE FORM I, ______________________ hereby give permission to WLL, to use photographs of my child in any publication, media release or promotional announcement, electronic or otherwise. I understand that I will not receive any compensation if such image appears in such publication, media release or promotional announcement, electronic or otherwise. I agree that such image is the property of WLL. I understand that WLL will not supply this image for use in any commercial venture or advertisement not published/produced for/by Little League without my permission, unless such publication or production is by a Corporate Sponsor of Little League, and only if the publication or production is directly related to and in support of Little League.






Re- Reg


League Age

Birth Cert Checked


Shirt Size


S, M, L

Pant Size


S, M, L


Check or Cash

4-6 T-Ball


6-8* Minor Baseball


7-11* Mini Major Baseball


9-12 Major Baseball


6-9* Minor Softball


9-12 Major Softball


13-16 Senior/Junior Baseball


* Six-year-olds are allowed to play Instructional with one year of T-Ball experience.  After two years of instructional the player has a choice to move up to Minors. Anyone else who is between the ages of 7 & 9 with no baseball experience will be screened for placement at a later date in order to ensure safety of the players in the league and to assist with balancing the teams. 


Please make checks payable to Westbrook Little League.  

A $10 discount for each child in family applies after the first registered child.


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