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Meeting Minutes April 10th

Attendees; Bill Williams, Randy MacWhinnie, Tom England, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, John McCarthy, Joe DeRoche, Denise Cole, Jim Seavey, Amanda Mclaskey, Louie Lampron, Mike Eugley, Damian Dow, Bryan Harvie, Alisha Bailey.

6:00Bill Williams Treasurers report. $21,104.37 in Checking, $47706.46 in Savings. $10,800 approximately to come out to pay Xtreme and another $7500 for the purchase of the new gator.          Jim Seavy motion to accept treasurers report, Denise 2nd, All in favor.

6:10 Sara Catallano came into to show disigns for shirts that she will be making and selling on opening day. Individual members select their top 5 designs and Sara will have those emblems available to create shirts on opening day.

6:20 Board went into Executive Session, motion was made per Randy to enter executive session, 2nd by Bryan Harvie.

6:58 Board came out of Executive Session, motion per Bryan Harvie, 2nd by Anne Harvey.

7:00 Damian, on 4/17 Chris Neault will be coming to talk about proper arm care with Coaches. Memorial Garden inductees, Bruce Doughty, Bob Beaton, Shayne Wescott, Bruce Vani, JimWescott-all were approved by BOD. Also the AED is back in the snack shack.

7:05 Alisha, coaches for instructional to be approved. Bill motion to approve pending background checks, Jim Seavey 2nd. BOD unanimous approval.

7:10 Bill Williams, Went to Umpires clinic, a couple rule changes, Batter must stay in batter’s box with both feet once established. Dropped 3rd strike is optional, Int. Walks you do not have to pitch, but the pitches count towards the pitch count.

7:15 Jim Seavey, Assistant coach’s approval, Bill Williams makes motion to approve pending background checks, Denise 2nd. Unanimous approval by BOD. Interleague play will consist of 2 9-10 year old teams and 2 11-12 year old teams.

7:20 Denise Cole, Assistant Coach’s approval, Bill motion to accept pending background checks, Tom 2nd. Unanimous approval by BOD.

7:25 Joe DeRoche, minors softball still needs 3 coach’s, will have by opening day.

7:30 John McCarthy working on getting internet to the snack shack, 7MB with a 2 year plan for $32.59/Month. John motion to go with this plan, Damian 2nd. All in favor, Louie obstained.

7:30 Louie Lampron, needs a list of Major Coach’s, phone # and team name. Also needs background checks for all umpires. Will need a field reserved for an hour on 4/23 for an Umpires training.

7:35 Rebecca Dillon, Went over field sign placements. Mountain View Excavation will receive a pennant for all there help with the softball field dugouts.

7:40 Anne Harvey, Snack shack, she would like to add a couple crockpot/baked goods items to weekend games to see how they sell. Anyone willing to help make things to sell it would be appreciated. The snack shack needs floor mats.

7:45 Tom England, Field Clean up, We will do a softball field clean up Friday night @ 5:30 as well as Saturday morning @ 8:30. We will clean up all fields Saturday @ 8:30, Tom will have teams assigned to certain tasks. Water will be turned on at the complex Friday.

7:50 Mike Eugley, Major’s assistant coaches for approval. Bill motion to accept pending background checks. Tom 2nd, unanimous approval.

7:55 Randy MacWhinnie, went to Kiwanis with Damian and his team to go over where their sponsorship $ goes. They were very pleased and thanked Randy and Damian. We will order extra team hats this year to give to our sponsors. No Kids allowed on golf cart or new gator. Denise made a motion to only allow people with driver’s license to operate. Damian 2nd, unanimous approval.

Next meeting 4:24 @6pm

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