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Westbrook Little League Board Meeting Minutes December 19th, 2016

Present: Mike Eugley, Kananan LaPierre, Lori MacWhinnie, Randy MacWhinnie, Rebecca Dillon, Louie Lampron, Denise Cole, Tom England, Matt Brunner, Anne Harvey, Amanda McClaskey, Bill Williams, Jim Seavey, John McCarthy, Joe DeRoche, Damian Dow

Absent: Everyone who wasn’t there

Special Guest: Anie Michaud

Meeting Starting at 6:31 after

Treasure’s Report per Bill (Everyone highly attentive and enthusiastic)

-Not a lot of activity

- 4 checks written, one of which was the final check for girls dug outs

-for rest please refer to Treasurers Report as it was business as usual

MOTION to Accept Denise, 2nd by Damian-Unanimous on yes

(Louie looked tired)

Around the Table

Mike Eugley

Topic: Manager Elections and New Manager Elections

Mike conducted an investigation on complaints of  Sappi. Specifically on communication with parents, relationship with Players and overall dedication to League.

Parents were very positive overall, The one complaint that was consistant with each parent was player-coach relationship with own son. They collectively felt that issue should be worked on. Parents felt there was no reason for him not to coach. They like Him

MOTION to Accept Mike, 2nd by Louie- Yes-11 No-0 Obstain-5

Mike Presented Jeremy Gardiner for DQ. 

MOTION to Accept Jeremy as DQ Manager by Mike, 2nd by Louie- Yes-15 No-0 Obstain-1

Mike presented Zach Johnson for Lions-

Special Conversation per board member updated-

MOTION to Accept Zach as Lions Manager by Mike, 2nd by Louie- Yes-14 No-0 Obstain-2

Jim Seavey(sitting eagerly, Roll Tide)

Topic:New Manager Elections for Softball

Jim mentioned information that the coaches had a meeting prior to this board meeting and all coaches are on the same page with expectations going into the season. 

Twin Electric-Jim proposed Alisha Beckner

MOTION to Accept Alisha as Twin Electric Manager by Jim, 2nd by Denise- Yes-15 No-0 Obstain-1

Extreme Screen-Jim proposed Doug Cole

MOTION to Accept Doug as Extreme Screen Manager by Jim, 2nd by Rebecca- Yes-16 No-0 Obstain-0

Cavallaro-Kristine Farr proposed by Jim

MOTION to Accept Kristine as Cavallaro MAnager by Jim, 2nd by Bill- Yes-15 No-0 Obstain-1

Phoenix Welding-Jim proposed Anie Michaud for Phoenix Welding. Anie addressed board as she has stated Board had concerns of her commitment to the league and program. 

Louie, Matt and Jim spoke on support of Anie being a solid coach and her commitment. Aniepromised the board her commitment is there.

MOTION to Accept Anie as Phoenix Welding Softball Manager by Jim, 2nd by Louie- Yes-12No-0 Obstain-4


John equipment update

Topice: Hit Pit Balls

Hit Pit has asked us to use dimple balls in the hit pit instead of baseballs. John bought 3 cases of dimple balls. (Randy was on edge of seat in excitement)


Topic: Website

Amanda is working on the website, but needs help with registration dates and such. Lori was going to help Amanda with necessary information.

(Board thought that was cool, John sighed in relief)


(Randy tapped his hands to the table as Bill already had a turn, but Bill is cool so we will let it go…again)

Topic: Charter Info Clarification as we have to turn that in. 7 Majors Baseball, 4 Majors Softball, 5 Minors Baseball, 4 Minors Softball, 6 instructional Baseball and 4 TeeBall


Topic: thank you for the Board Members who played a significant role in replacement project:

Randy, Lori and Bill(and Matt) for heading up the project and doing the leg work. Thank you to Jim and Tom for their dedication to the project.

Special thanks to Louie for re-establishing the WLL relationship with Burns fencing. They have done awesome work -beyond cost and effort and attention they have been simply outstanding.

Board  shared in overall thank you to the above


Topic: Continuing relationship with Chris Neault from Saco Bay PT.

Chris is looking to help us out with the following and in turn would like a pennant

- Invite teams/parents to our clinic for free preseason arm care assessments (instead of going to the field and occupying their practice times)
- Have me attend coaches meetings to present on topics relating to youth baseball and injury prevention
- Tent at opening day for Q&A for parents, arm care/movement assessments 
- In exchange for the above, potentially some form of pennant or signage at the field? 
- During the season, offer players free injury assessments at the clinic (just call and mention Westbrook LL and get in for free consult)

Damian proposed a pennant and 2nd by Lori. 

MOTION for Pennant for SACO BAY PT Unanimous



January 27th 5-8pm

January 28th 8am-12pm

February 10th 5-8pm

February 11th 8am-12pm

March 10th 5-8pm

February 11th 8am-12pm

Board Members should book a time Slot-Per Randy




Topic: Volunteer Commitment for Tournaments

Randy is asking all teams, Minors and Majors will be responsible for covering nights during tournaments. This will be documented in Coaching Forms

Randy proposed, Bill 2nd, Board vote was Unanimous in support of yes


NEXT WLL Board MEETING: January 30th 630pm


In attendance: Randy MacWhinnie, Mike Eugley, Rebecca Dillon, Lori MacWhinnie, Kanaan Lapierre, Anne Harvey, Louie Lampron, Amanda McClaskey, John McCarthy, Bryan Harvie, Denise Cole, Heather Seavey, Joe Deroche, Jim Seavey, Damian Dow, Bill Williams, Alisha Bailey.


6:00PM                 Bill Williams


Treasurer’s Report Review

                                Cornelia Warren fund covering 100% off softball dugout/fence project

                                Motion to accept report; Lori MacWhinnie, Mike Eugley 2nd, unanimous approval


                                Capital Projects Reviewed, Maintenance, Speed Bumps, Re-doing the 4 Major Dugouts, Internet. Need Volunteers for Projects.


                                Beast of the East Tournament Review

                                Motion to host the Beast Tournament again in 2017 put forth by Heather Seavey, Mike Eugley 2nd, Motion was passed by majority


                                Player Registration review of pricing and discounts

                                Motion put forth to keep pricing the same for 2017 except lowering Junior/Senior SB to match Majors @$90. Offer early registration discount, $10 off.

                                Damian 2nd, Unanimous approval


                                Team Sponsorship and Sign Pricing

                                Motion put forth by Jim Seavey to keep pricing on Signage the same for 2017 dependent on if costs stay the same for us. Louie Lampron 2nd, Unanimous approval


7:15                        Heather Seavey


Discussion about our web-site not working. Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a free App/Website for Little League, allows for registering online, offers discounts to stores. Free Website for our league.

Bill Williams motions to use Dick Sporting Goods to set up this online tool for Little League to use at no cost to us. Amanda McClaskey 2nd. Unanimously approved.


7:25                        Bill Williams motions to nominate Denise Cole as Junior/Senior league softball coach, 2ndby Damian Dow. Unanimous approval.


7:30                        Louie Lampron discussion on Umpires; we need new umpires and need to promote and advertise it. Also, suggested re-doing the surface of batting cages and re-sealing and painting the

                                Parking lot.


7:40                        Mike Eugley- Major Baseball Managers, 5 returning Managers up for renewal. BOD voted to approve 4 0f the 5 returning Managers at this time. 5th Manager to be tabled until further discussion with the manager on expectations.


Don Meserve – Phoenix – Approved

                                Rick Knight – Eagles – Approved

                                Damian Dow – Kiwanis – Approved

                                Kenny Bean – Tickets - Approved 


                                New Kids Clinic will be Saturday, February 25th from 2-3:30 @ the Community Center.


                                1st Tryouts for baseball and softball will be Friday March 3rd from 5-9pm @ the Community Center


                                2nd Tryout for baseball and softball is tentatively scheduled for Friday March 10th from 5-9pm @ the Community Center. We need to verify there is no conflict that night. Subject to change.


Hitting for Major baseball and softball will begin January 2nd on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 35 minute slots for teams. Schedule to be determined. There will be an evening scheduled for minor baseball and softball to hit as well.


                                April 3rd – April 15th will be indoor practices in the community center for teams.


8:00pm                 Randy MacWhinnie discussion to replace all 4 major’s dugouts.

                                Motion set forth by Bryan Harvie to approve replacing all 4 dugouts, 2nd by Lori MacWhinnie. Approved by majority.


The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, 12/19 @ 7:00pm. This will be a brief meeting to discuss and vote on the renewal of the 5th returning Manager.


In Attendance:  Randy MacWhinnie, Bill Williams, Matt Brunner, Damian Dow, Amanda Mclaskey, Anne Harvey, Louie Lampron, Rebecca Dillon, Tom England, Jim Seavey, Heather Seavey, Joe Daroche, Lori MacWhinnie, Alisha Bailey, Kaanan Lapierre, Denise Cole, Bryan Harvie.


Meeting was called to discuss Upgrading Cornelius Warren Softball Field. Discussion of replacing fencing and two dugouts for softball field. Cost analysis projecting the project to cost approximately $44,400, provided by Bill Williams (treasurer), Randy MacWhinnie (president) and Matt Brunner (player agent). Discussion is to go before the board of the Cornelia Warren Funds Committee and apply for a matching funds grant; in order to do this the BOD must approve the possibility of spending up to half of the repair estimate, $22,200.


Bill Williams set forth a motion to approve to spend up to $22,200 on upgrades to Cornelia Warren Softball Field; including replacing all the fencing, two dugouts and any maintenance work needed due to work being done on the fields.


Jim Seavey seconded the motion.


Motion was approved by the board.


In attendance: Randy MacWhinnie, Lori MacWhinnie, Mike Eugley, Bill Williams, Bryan Harvie, Amanda Mclaskey, Anne Harvey, Matt Brunner, John McCarthy, Louis Lampron, Rebecca Dillon, Tom England, Jim Seavey, Joe DaRoche, Alisha Bailey, Kanaan Lapierre, Denise Cole.


6:00pm                 Treasurer’s Report – Bill Williams

                                                Funding Overview

                                                New Dugouts – Softball’s must be replaced, hope to do all six, but need volunteers to be able to do them all.

                                                Motion to Accept treasurer’s report, Lori McWhinnie, Seconded by John McCarthy, all in favor and approved.


6:10                        President – Randy MacWhinnie

                                                Tractor – has major leak which is too costly to repair, labor intensive. We will continue to run and fill transmission fluid.

                                                Volunteers – we need more, there is work to be done around the complex and very little help.


6:15                        Tom England – (grounds/maint)

                                                Winterizing the complex, will send list of what needs to be completed within the next month.

                                                Items include: taking cage down, tarp the fields, pull bases and plug, put picnic tables away, return bottles, clean bathrooms, clean trash cans.


6:20                        Lori MacWhinnie (VP Minor BB)

                                                Finish close up of snack shacks

                                                15-20 bags of fries to get rid-off, donate to Westbrook Youth Football or Pizza Time


6:25                        Kanaan Lapierre (VP T-ball)

                                                Equipment bags for T-ball and Instructional

                                                Pulled all equipment and organized-each bag will have a tag listing what equipment is in it to help organize


6:30                        Louis Lampron (Umpire Chief) 

                                                Former WLL volunteer/coach passed away Bruce Doughty – will send family a card from WLL.

                                                Manager’s positions need to be filled for Little League


6:40                        Anne Harvey (Concessions) – looking for a couple volunteers to help with concessions


6:45                        Denise Cole (VP Jr SB)

                                                Softball needs a new grill

                                                Golf Cart is dead

                                                Batting cages both destroyed by weather last season-need to be replaced. Still have the nets

                                                Need to weed out the dirt infield


6:55                        Bill Williams (Treasurer) 

                                                We should publicly thank our sponsor’s give them more recongnition

                                                Look into taking Debit/Credit cards for registration and concessions

                                                Look into internet for the complex


Other discussion:             Look at doing early registration. Softball will need 4 coaches. Safety Officer; Damian Dow did not volunteer for this position, but is willing to perform the duties if necessary. Randy                                           Mitchell (fire-fighter/EMT) would like to fill this position, we will have him at the next meeting and we can vote on the position then.


Next Meeting    Sunday 11/13 6PM


Thank you, Bryan Harvie

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