WLL Board meeting 12/10/17

Board Members
Randy MacWhinnie
Kristen Damon
John McCarthy
Amanda McLaskey
Jen Wescott
John Clark
Paul Dalrymple
Hillary Damon
Joe Deroche
Anne Harvey
Melissa Remington
Bryan Harvie
Non Board members
Bill Finley
Peter Wescott
Bob Harvey
John - Jenn - motion to accept 11/12/17 secretary report - approved
open positions - treasurer, VP minors, VP instructional
- need to get taxes done
- need a treasurer - we will not be spending money until we have one- Randy has all debit cards
-reached out to Rick Knight - he will speak with Bill to get logistics - does not need to come to meetings
- we will need to buy Quickbooks Pro when we have a treasurer
We will start hitting in January at the community center-
Q: do we need to use the new bats? Bill says yes as of 1/1/18 we need to use new bats
Around the table:
Bill - would like to visit Veterans homes w/ the kids in April
- Gorham is back in little league
- 1 baseball and 1 softball player to go to BB children's hospital
John- contacted OnTarget to dig and put the poles in. Poles are here. Cut a deal with OnTarget- will give
them a field sign for 5 years to do the work for us.
Hillary- nothing

Jenn- registrations start Feb 3rd (Friday 5-8 & Saturday 8-12) and online -
Ok to start early registration online
need to put flyer in Thursday folders
Joe D - requested VP get updates weekly on who registered
January 8th- March 7 - 11 weeks hit pit
tryouts March 24th 9-3 and March 31 9-3; indoor training April 2-14th
Major league softball and baseball new kids’ clinic - Friday March 23rd
5:30-6:30 baseball
6:30-7:30 softball

Amanda - same prices for online registration - early discount- open January 1st
Kristen- nothing
Bryan- 2 open manager spots - Peter Wescott in interested and Bob Harvey is interested - will discuss at
a coaches meeting and bring to the board
Bill - nothing
Melissa- secured Dicks sponsorship - shopping day is March 17th and 18th for 20% off. Do we need to
have someone there? got baseball and softballs, got 6 $50 Dicks GCs. Can we ask for sponsors to buy
the bats? need 14 for majors and 2 for each minor team if needed. Offer they will be on a sign (put on
batting cage)
John- nothing
Joe- 6 telephone poles are here. Digsafe will be putting them in, hopefully before frost. Nominating
Coach Doug Cole to coach a major team - and Joe Deroche - all in favor
may need 1 or 2 more coaches
Anne- nothing
Paul - volunteered to assist w/ tryouts
Randy - next board meeting - February 11th 6pm
Bryan will meet with coaches to get coach's names - Randy will email vote to the board.


Westbrook Little League Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2017

Election meeting outcome:

Randy MacWhinnie - President

Amanda Mclaskey - Information Officer

Jennifer Wescott - Player agent

Randy Mitchell - Safety Officer

Kristen Damon - Secretary

Anne Harvey - Concessions Manager

John McCarthy - Purchasing Agent

Tom England - Grounds & Maintenance

Melissa Remington - Sponsorship Coordinator

Heather Seavey - Fundraiser Coordinator

Lewis Lampron - Umpire in Chief

Bryan Harvie – VP Major Baseball

Brian Heal -  VP Minor Baseball

Jim Seavey  - VP Junior Softball

Joe DeRoche – VP Major Softball

John Clark – VP Minor Softball

Paul Dalrymple - VP,Tee ball

We have two open positions still available

- Treasurer

- VP, Instructional

New Board members were asked to take the table for the rest of the meeting.


Randy MacWhinnie, Bill Williams, John McCarthy, Melissa Remington, Anne Harvey, Lewis Lampron, John Clark, Joe DeRoche, Jennifer Wescott, Amanda Mclaskey, Kristen Damon, Paul Delrymple, Brian Heal, Bryan Harvie, Randy Mitchell, Jim Seavey, Tom England, Hillary Damon, Heather Seavey

Open discussions

New board members were welcomed,

  • advised requirement to attend at least 75% of meetings to keep position,

  • meeting discussions are confidential,

  • meetings will be held on Sunday nights @6pm

Next meeting on November 12,

  • requesting major baseball coaches to be there to discuss teams for 2018.

  • Will need to drop a team in 2018 and possibly a team in 2019

Clean Up day

  • September 30th @ 8:30

    • Signs to come down

    • Nets to come down

    • Batting cages taken down

    • Clean up complex

Field projects-

  • Approved for project board to stay the same

  • Lewis recommended focus on Warren Field & parking lot

  • Anne recommended moving concessions to localized spot

    • Unable to due d/t gas line and expense to relocate

  • Discussed softball field cost was 32,000 on new fence and dugout

  • Boys fence estimate is 24,700 d/t longer fences, and higher backstop. This cost includes pulling poles, new poles and fencing

  • CW wants to work with little league on improving complex

  • Need to track volunteer hours: volunteer hours = $$ donated from CW

  • Parking lot will cost 60-80,000 – will approach city for 1/3 as they use lot for buses

**Board approved to go all in on request for baseball fields – new dugouts w/ slabs, fences, parking lot, 2 story concessions on warren field

Home Run Dance

  • Committee to stay the same with added help- lead by Lori Macwhinne


  • Needs a new tire – have plugged multiple times

**Board approved snowmobile club to use tractor

Around the table:

John McCarthy reminded everyone of added expense for this year- new bats

  • All major league bats are illegal and new bats will be needed

  • possibility of bulk rate from dicks?

Anne presented request to have Hillary Damon as co-concessions

  • discussion that this was a position on the board that was no filled last year and position remains vacant.

  • Lewis nominated Hillary Damon; 2nd- Amanda Mclaskey

** Board approved Hillary Damon as Concession Assistant

Jim requested need of additional practice field for softball d/t losing Saccarappa field

  • Discussed possibility of stripping Obrien field

  • Discussed difficulties of using Obrien

  • Recommendation to ask city about using Frasier Field for practices

Discussed Jr Softball – many senior league eligible players graduating. Discussed possibility of district wide team if there are not enough players to fill a team. – district 6.

Action Items:

  • Request major baseball coaches to be at next meeting on November 12th @ 6pm

  • Ask city about assisting with new parking lot

  • Ask city about using Frasier Field for softball practices

  • Look into bulk rate deal on new bats

Agenda for Next Meeting

Discussion regarding dropping a Major league team in 2018 with coaches


The next general meeting will be at 6:00pm on November 12, 2017.

Minutes submitted by: Kristen Damon

August 21, 2017 6pm meeting notes
In attendance- Randy, Matt, Bill,Denise, Jim, Tom, Joe, John, Louie, Lori, Amanda, Rebecca, Damian
Treasures report
Jim-Last softball tournament 8-31
Damion- Brian reaching out to National Guard.?
Cornelia Warren fundraising match?
Need punch list for yearly timeline. (Label cabinets, trim boards in the skybox)
Leave new board with a list of fundraising ideas for new revenue.
Plan for Obrian Field?
We need to assign new fields for next year.
Jon- We need to hold people accountable if they don't show up.
Joe- communication between old and new board members needs to improve. Maybe have a walk though about positions before the vote. After the vote teach the new members what to do. Email after registration is complete. Have players signed up earlier to start creating the season. Fields and usage. All teams should be playing here. Parents can learn concessions when it's slower, ( then the State Tournament) have majors cover minors and Minors cover majors.
Tom- Someone stealing our gas cans, tools, tables.
Set a date to close the fields
Big tractor has a dead battery.
Will Obrien settle?
Denise Presented a beautiful shadow box of JR League trip to Connecticut. Bough coats for the girls and coaches paid for food and the end of the season banquet.
Bill-Trying to get a grant from Cornelia Warren for dugouts and fencing.
Got a $250 gift card to Target from fair point as a promotion for signing up.
Still waiting for a profit check from apparel sold. Next year the equipment budget needs to go up to cover the cost of the new wood composite bats.
Matt- We need to have a sign up sheet for people who want to volunteer.
Randy- WYF wants to borrow PA system. Vote 8 No down to 1 PA system not working properly. 


Next meeting is elections
You have to be nominated by a board member. Will go through each position
Blast on website and facebook
Sunday 9-17 at 6 pm
You must be vested in Little League 


Meeting Minutes WLL

6/25/17 6:00PM

Attendees: Bill Williams, Joe DeRoche, Denise Cole, Jim Seavey, John McCarthy, Anne Harvey, Damian Dow, Lou Lampron, Mike Eugley, Randy MacWhinnie, Amanda Mclaskey, Alisha Bailey, Bryan Harvie, Tom England

6:00 Treasurer’s Report -2 Reports- Bill Williams- Two invoices needing receipts and needs list of everything for remainder of the year. We need to communicate more from Minors and Instructional about games to get snack shack open and coverage, reserves are down due to lack of it.

6:15 Amanda – needs copy of All-Star brackets to put on the website. 

6:15 Jim Seavey – Someone look into Septic, Need to put Cornellia Warren Field Sign up, Softball awards have been ordered. Umpire situation; need more softball umpires had trouble filling them for playoffs. All-Star tourney help needed every night; book, shack, announcing, field, scoreboard, etc.Randy and Tom will do the field Tuesday night so Jim can watch 11-12 boy all-stars play.

6:30 Lou Lampron – Tournament director for 11’s district and 12’s state tourney, cannot be here Friday night or Saturday needs coverage. Need to contact 11’s parents for coverage during tourney, Bryan Harvie to e-mail Rick Knight for roster. Motion to donate $125 to Baseball foundation golf tournament, Tom second, vote is unanimous. Motion to purchase all volunteer umps from regular season $50 Cumberland Farms GC, Denise second, vote is unanimous. Need big Poster for tournament brackets. 

6:50 Anne Harvey – Looking for help for the 9-10 softball All-Stars, book, field, announcing, scoreboard, etc. We will look to e-mail sponsors, Kiwanis, Cornelia Warren for example as they want to volunteer.

7:00 Joe Deroche – New Board Orientation for new members to learn their responsibilities with their position on the BOD. New members are not sure of their tasks.

7:10 Damian Dow – National Guard volunteers all the time to rehab baseball fields or help with community demolition/construction. Bryan Harvie to reach out to POC with National Guard. Cornelia Warren fundraiser match, we should look into for our raffle ticket sales as they match $ for $. We should put an information board on the complex so people are aware of events or times when volunteers are needed. Need to make sure First Aid kits are available at all fields for tournaments.

Next Meeting 7/16/17 @ 6:00PM.


I apologize if I missed anything, Damian writes like a school girl and I couldn’t read it all! Thanks for taking the notes D!



Meeting Minutes April 10th

Attendees; Bill Williams, Randy MacWhinnie, Tom England, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, John McCarthy, Joe DeRoche, Denise Cole, Jim Seavey, Amanda Mclaskey, Louie Lampron, Mike Eugley, Damian Dow, Bryan Harvie, Alisha Bailey.

6:00Bill Williams Treasurers report. $21,104.37 in Checking, $47706.46 in Savings. $10,800 approximately to come out to pay Xtreme and another $7500 for the purchase of the new gator.          Jim Seavy motion to accept treasurers report, Denise 2nd, All in favor.

6:10 Sara Catallano came into to show disigns for shirts that she will be making and selling on opening day. Individual members select their top 5 designs and Sara will have those emblems available to create shirts on opening day.

6:20 Board went into Executive Session, motion was made per Randy to enter executive session, 2nd by Bryan Harvie.

6:58 Board came out of Executive Session, motion per Bryan Harvie, 2nd by Anne Harvey.

7:00 Damian, on 4/17 Chris Neault will be coming to talk about proper arm care with Coaches. Memorial Garden inductees, Bruce Doughty, Bob Beaton, Shayne Wescott, Bruce Vani, JimWescott-all were approved by BOD. Also the AED is back in the snack shack.

7:05 Alisha, coaches for instructional to be approved. Bill motion to approve pending background checks, Jim Seavey 2nd. BOD unanimous approval.

7:10 Bill Williams, Went to Umpires clinic, a couple rule changes, Batter must stay in batter’s box with both feet once established. Dropped 3rd strike is optional, Int. Walks you do not have to pitch, but the pitches count towards the pitch count.

7:15 Jim Seavey, Assistant coach’s approval, Bill Williams makes motion to approve pending background checks, Denise 2nd. Unanimous approval by BOD. Interleague play will consist of 2 9-10 year old teams and 2 11-12 year old teams.

7:20 Denise Cole, Assistant Coach’s approval, Bill motion to accept pending background checks, Tom 2nd. Unanimous approval by BOD.

7:25 Joe DeRoche, minors softball still needs 3 coach’s, will have by opening day.

7:30 John McCarthy working on getting internet to the snack shack, 7MB with a 2 year plan for $32.59/Month. John motion to go with this plan, Damian 2nd. All in favor, Louie obstained.

7:30 Louie Lampron, needs a list of Major Coach’s, phone # and team name. Also needs background checks for all umpires. Will need a field reserved for an hour on 4/23 for an Umpires training.

7:35 Rebecca Dillon, Went over field sign placements. Mountain View Excavation will receive a pennant for all there help with the softball field dugouts.

7:40 Anne Harvey, Snack shack, she would like to add a couple crockpot/baked goods items to weekend games to see how they sell. Anyone willing to help make things to sell it would be appreciated. The snack shack needs floor mats.

7:45 Tom England, Field Clean up, We will do a softball field clean up Friday night @ 5:30 as well as Saturday morning @ 8:30. We will clean up all fields Saturday @ 8:30, Tom will have teams assigned to certain tasks. Water will be turned on at the complex Friday.

7:50 Mike Eugley, Major’s assistant coaches for approval. Bill motion to accept pending background checks. Tom 2nd, unanimous approval.

7:55 Randy MacWhinnie, went to Kiwanis with Damian and his team to go over where their sponsorship $ goes. They were very pleased and thanked Randy and Damian. We will order extra team hats this year to give to our sponsors. No Kids allowed on golf cart or new gator. Denise made a motion to only allow people with driver’s license to operate. Damian 2nd, unanimous approval.

Next meeting 4:24 @6pm

Westbrook Little League Board Meeting Minutes 3/26/2017

Randy MacWhinnie, Tom England, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, Lori MacWhinnie, Louie Lampron, Joe DeRoche, Bryan Harvie, Jim Seavey, Heather Seavey, Alisha Bailey , Amanda McClaskey, Bill Williams, Mike Eugley and Damian Dow

Meeting Started at 6pm ended at 830pm

Motion to accept previous Minutes- approved unanimous

Motion to accept Treasurers Report- approved unanimous

Treasures Report-Bill Willams

• Dugouts will now happen in the fall, due to timing
• Registration Fees down, 2 reasons
o Low participation
o Teams sponsors need to pay

Motion to accept: Mike   2nd Amanda: (Damian should have had the 2nd , but Bryan when you think Bryan is playing hard ball, he throws the curve)


• Board need to be united
• We need to work as a team
• We are behind as a board and we have a lot to do to catch up
• I wish my wife would stop talking while I am talking
• We have a couple open board positions, Lori and Bryan will run TBall together, Board was all in favor-Thank you Lori and Thank you Bryan

All Star Dates

9-10 SoftballWestbrook June 23rd

9-10 BaseballFalmouth/Buxton June 23rd

10-11 Softball Yarmouth  July 7th

10-11 BaseballCumberland/Westbrook June 30th

11-12 SoftballGrey/SP National   June 16th

11-12 Baseball Scarborugh/Portland June 23rd

Juniors Softball Windham June July 8th

Juniors Baseball Cape Elizabeth July 1st

State Baseball Westbrook July 21st

Beast Friday July 28th (River Rats will take over Beast, $2500 WLL, $2000 Snowmobile, WLL runs snack Shack-50% WLL, $40 Snowmobile, 10% River Rats



Interleague Play-Scheduling, May start a week early

Practice at WCC SB needs time and asking for 90minutes 2x per week

Alternative Tryout Thursday 5-6 inWCC


Requesting 1 day for Junior Softball practice time in WCC



Home Run Fence Repair will be happening soon, Phoenix Welding to fix poles and flag poles, Tome to order new catch net

SB Dugouts need to be finished, protective fence and painting

Ordering new fence protective poles

Also looking at benches, hangers and bat holders

Damian to paint stairs on press box

Water will be turned on soon

Clean up Days-April 15th and 22nd  WLL,   Obrien will be 28th

This is When Bryan had to leave the meeting to go get his parents at the airport and Damian took over the minutes, my apologies everyone, but Damian did offer to go get Bryans parents


Opening Day list of events

Can HS Softball Players Come as well as Baseball Players

To add to itinerary

+Cornelia Warren to thank you list

+Phoenix Welding to thank you list(Damian just added)

+Burns Fencing

Damian to ask mrs. Smith to see if 7/8th grade jazz band can do star spangled banner

First pitch for softball Cornelia Warren

Louie to ask Burns fencing for baseball first pitch


HomeRun Dance

Meeting this Tuesday and we need help spreading the word, tell coaches and VPs to spread message

Dance is April 8th

Donation Prizes still coming in…about $4000 right now in prizes



Registrations-Minors has two teams, we need more, Minors needs to build up

Damian suggest board to think about new strategies for registrations, timing of the start of registrations is too early, families are not thinking baseball during basketball and hockey season. Suggests starting sign ups the week before evaluations.

Louie suggests having all sports teams meet and work together on educations flyers on when registrations are for each league(personally, I think Louie is on to something as this has been suggested before by a really good looking guy). Louie, you are a genius my friend.


Need to Circle Back on Opening Day

Sarah Catalano wants to set up shirt station on opening day so she can make shirts on the spot. 

Board voted 13 yes and 2 obstain

Other sponsors to be reached out to. Extreme will get courtesy call from_____________?

Around the Table

Tom-All set(we all know, he probably wasn’t it, if you remember Randy woke him up for a coma)

Anne-All Set (but she has great hair)

Lori-All set(glad we were all sitting down when we heard that breaking news)

Rebecca-needs to know how many teams per league-Heather, Lori and Bill to help

Sponsors need to pay, Xtreme and Lions

(thanks for offering us all a chocolate bar Rebecca)

Louie- 2 things(actually I think it was three, but Rebecca just nudged him as he was snoring…again)

1)Needs majors schedule with umpire sheets so he can put that together-Mike to help

Needs major softball with umpire sheets so he can put together-Jim to help

2) Requests 4 umpire parking spots for season-Board Unanimously yes. For tournaments, he will request four more spots at a later date.

Jim- All set (thank god)

Joe- needs registration forms as he has a group interested in signing up

Denise-Umpiring training for high school, when you doing that Lou…

When will dugouts happen for painting

Alisha-All set

Amanda- Website we will close on Friday night for majors registrations, but players can still register on Saturday in person, all others registrations will stay open

Wants a summary of information from each VP of each league in what happens at each league, example in T-ball, ball is placed on a T, fundamentals of fielding, throwing and hitting are introduced

Bill-(we all knew he would have more)

Coaches that need to be approved before opening day should be presented next board meeting


Donnie Meserve Award Candidates should all be submitted to Randy before April 10th

Each board member should email a candidate list to Randy of 1-3 candidates

Memorial Garden-Please place candidates on white board as you think of them, to be voted on next meeting

First Aid kits to be restocked, asking for $100 or so dollars to replace items, john to order icepacks through extreme and small first aid kits

Task Time line and Board Positions Binder, work in progress as board members need to pass in information

Mike –

Letter from John regarding an automatic. Based on our by-laws and the LLI by laws the player was released back into minors and the team was already compensated in that same 2016 draft. Mike to handle.

Randy- Greg Post wants to do a Home Run Derby, April 22n at note. Vote 14 yes and 1 no

Next Meeting: Monday the 10th 6pm






MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Randy MacWhinnie, Mike Eugley, Anne Harvey, Rebecca Dillon, Lou Lampron, John McCarthy, Joe DeRoche, Amanda Mclaskey, Alisha Bailey, Matt Brunner and Damian Dow

MEMBERS ABSENT: Bill Williams, Brian Harvie, Tom England, Jim Seavey, Heather Seavey, Lori MacWhinnie and Denise Cole



Format of Tonight’s meeting is around the table



$3995 in Checking $32,697 in Savings

10 deposits in February for Approximately $9000

We paid our $2700 to Little League International to be Chartered

Checking in to the $348 from Extreme for Catchers Gear (John McCarthy)

Motion to accept Treasurers Report: 1st John, 2nd Matt  Unanimous in favor


RESIGNATION FROM VP OF T BALL: Kanaan LaPierre cannot fulfill needs of position due to personal reasons. Vacancy to be placed on Website as well as each Board Member should try to recruit someone.


Matt Brunner-Player Agent

Grondin may tear down and dispose of baseball dugouts for free. Matt is taking lead role in communication this. We may reconvene talks with Cornelia Warren Foundation per their request. Update by Matt to be provided at next board meeting. They may allocate more funding for project.



Damian Dow-Safety Officer

Board Binder

Damian Presented ideas for a “Board Positon Binder” for a magnitude of reasons.

The Binder will provide incoming board members a list of their expected duties and a time line for when those duties are to be done. This should help with the transitional period of a new member in a new position as well as generate lines of communication between board members. This will also encourage members to work as closer as a team as the board member stigma will be less if not broken. This will help establish a consistent pattern from board to board.

Each board member is to forward a list of their current positional duties and a time line of when those duties are to be done to Damian by March 20th. Mike, Randy and Damian will work on the binder for the next board meeting on the 26th.


Information Board for Display and Website

Should be posted in WLL area as well as on Website.

Should have special projects listed to volunteers can sign up.

Should contain information pieces regarding softball and baseball programs, projects and facility concerns. 

Information Officer and Safety Offer should take a lead role in this.

Attendance Sheets

Each Board meeting will have an attendance sheet that sheet will be provided at each Board meeting. This will help determine needs of communication as well as overall board involvement.

Log of Misconduct

To support the code of conduct and help with any unfortunate disciplinary action, there should be a log book keep of any incident description with date, and rectification outcome. This would to serve as a support system for future outcomes.

Player Agent and President should keep this is locked cabinet in clubhouse. Damian to help writeup infarctions from last three years since code of conduct was implemented.

Softball Batting Cages

Issues with softball batting cages from last year. Lots of piping was bent and damaged. John to price out new cages for the softball program. possible re-thinking of location. 

Home Run Dance

Board determined if they should take part in selling tickets that there should be a count of what is sold now before the board takes over in adding extra efforts in selling. The homerun dance committee should consider at different volunteers for their group in addition to the members they already have as there is a lot of responsibilities. May consider a parent helper committee.


Amanda-Information Officer

We have 50 people registered

When voting online a Summary email should be updated to show how majority votes(supported by Rebecca)

All Board members should look at the new website prior to the next meeting and provide necessary feedback to Amanda either before or during the next board meeting.

Joe VP of Minors Softball

Sign-up on line is confusing 

We should look a unsafe situation of skilled players playing in leagues of Tball, instructional and Minors program. 2 Board members will check in on player in a playing or practice situation and make an appropriate decision on proper league location for player with parents input.

John-Purchasing and Equipment Agent

Uniform tops are approximately $5 more for Majors. 

All major teams will be in white pants?

Communication for equipment needs in all levels should be done by league VP, coaches and John


Dicks Sporting Goods Reminder-She will resend email to all board members and VP’s should pass it on to the coaches who should in-turn pass it on to their teams. No need to volunteer at his anymore, but people must bring coupons to the store for their purchases. Rebecca will forward this as soon as she can.

Anne-Snack Shack

League to buy IPAD that will be mounted in snack shack. Motivation for this is convenience of those who do not carry cash will purchase with card and possibly increase revenue. Anne will be food licensed by next week per Randy’s help. John to help initiate the installation of the internet line.

Mike -VP of Majors Baseball

New kids clinic was a bit of disappointment. The kids that were there did awesome and a great turnout by coaches, but only 15 kids participated. Possible reasons that affected low outcome was nice day, vacation week and just simply early in the year for baseball as winter sports are still wrapping up.

We picked up 10 registrations because of the clinic.



Each Board member to list each description of their duties

Board should help promote Home Run Dance but solid numbers should be presented to justify need for help as well as determine how to help.

Information Board-Damian to research products and get back to Board. Topics to include special projects, home run ball info, programs, safety info, dates…etc….


Discipline Committee needs to be re-established

The committee should be comprised of

League President

Player Agent

VP of impacted league

Safety Officer and 

Board felt it would be beneficial to place a lady from the board on the committee, to be determined for the next meeting or Randy appointments one.


Next MEETING: March 26th, 6pm(Please email Randy if you cannot attend)

Meeting Minutes



Attending; Bill Williams, Matt Brunner, Randy Macwhinnie, Mike Eugley, Laurie Macwhinnie, Rebecca Dillon, Louie Lampron, Joe DeRoche, John McCarthy, Bryan Harvie, Jim Seavey, Amanda Mclaskey, Denise Cole, Damian Dow

6:30 Bill Williams treasurers report; 7 checks totaling $13114.59, 2 deposits/transfers totaling $5000

FY16 federal tax return completed and submitted, bought 14 sets of catchers gear for majors, will pass current equipment to minors. We have received $1000 in registration fees. 

John McCarthy motion to accept, Matt Brunner 2nd and all approved.


6:37 Dan – Beast of the East Discussion

Baseball foundation that has helped sponsor the event has pulled out, losing half of our volunteer force. Leaving WLL and Trailblazers in need of help to run the tournament or sell it to someone. Dan has approached Jason Larivierre with the Southern Maine River Rats about taking the tournament over. He is proposing River Rats to pay $2000 to the snowmobile club and $2000 to WLL.


6:55 BOD discussion of the Beast tournament and selling it to the River Rats. Discussions about what is the appropriate amount to charge, who will man snack shack and maintain fields. Proposal/Motion set forth by Laurie Macwhinnie for River Rats to donate $2000 to snowmobile club and $2500 to WLL annually to host the tournament using Westbrook Little Complex. That money covers fields and utilities. The snack shack will be run 50/50 split of volunteers from the snowmobile club and WLL with the profits split 60% WLL and 40% Trailblazers. Any turf ace /field mix used during the tournament will be invoiced to the River Rats.

Bryan Harvie 2nd the motion. 11 votes for Motion, 2 opposed and 1 abstained.


7:35 Rebecca Dillon – 3 signs need replacement due to damage, Burns, Cavellero and Twin Electric. Burns will get a free sign for the work on replacing fencing at the complex. Cost for a new sign is $235 annual advertising cost to company is $150.

Proposal set forth by John McCarthy for WLL to pay the difference for the new signs. 2nd by Damian Dow

12 votes for, 1 oppose and 1 abstain.

Night Property will also get a free sign for all his time and efforts removing all the debris from the torn down dugouts on the softball field.

Portland Paper Products will now be invoiced for their sign as they are charging us full price for our paper products.


7:50 Laurie Macwhinnie discussion of Home Run Ball and ticket sales; asking for help and ideas to sell tickets to grow the event. The date is April 8th @ 7pm. Nothing conclusive decided but all agreed we would help promote the event, talk of reaching out to minor parents to get them on board.


8:00 Louie Lampron – Umpires Clinic – April 9th. He asked Mike and Jim for Major Baseball/Softball schedules as soon as they are done so he can start assigning umpires. Paper City classic, WLL to sponser a page.

Bill Williams put a motion to do a full page add, cost $100, half of the page for WLL and half of the page promoting the Home Run Ball.

Bryan Harvie 2nd all approved


8:05 Damian Dow – Met with Chris Neault and he will meet with Coach’s and hand out packets for proper arm care. He will also go over proper warm-ups for athletes at the majors level for both Baseball and Softball. He will attend opening day and he has offered his services as a free consultant to and WLL Baseball or Softball player that gets injured to determine the appropriate treatment. 

Damien will also be training Randy Mitchell to take over his position after this year as he will be leaving. He will train Randy on ASAP and background checks.


8:11 Randy Macwhinnie – River Rats have requested to pay and use the fields for a tournament, softball August 9th-11th and baseball August 16th-19th. Also, Memorial Day weekend for Saturday and Sunday.

Jamie Erskine who is dealing with degenerative spine is in the hospital. He has been an umpire for a long time and there is a fund for him.

Bill Williams set a motion for WLL to donate an additional $50 on top of the $50 that will automatically go to his fund, making the total donation $100.

Randy 2nd and all approved.


Next Meeting 2/27 Monday night.


GO PATS!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry Damian, the Las Vegas Raiders didn’t make it)


Local Sponsors